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DAMA I: Statement Regarding Comments on Social Media

DAMA International’s Board has returned from Enterprise Data World where we had refreshing and open meetings with many Chapter Board members, DAMA Chapter and Central Members and other Data Management professionals during the course of the week. As is part of the conversation in such an organization, members raised issues and opportunities for improvement, some of which the DAMA-I board was already acting upon.  Given that, we were surprised by the comments on social media and are glad to respond to questions raised. 


  • At the request of Chapters and Members in recent years, DAMA-International has become more rigorous in its enforcement of bylaws. Unfortunately, this means that Chapters who have not met these requirements may be excluded from DAMA I Chapter focused events, but remain, for now, listed as DAMA Chapters

  • During the last year, DAMA has identified a number of Chapters who are struggling to serve their members and have begun the process of engaging with those Chapters to see how they can be supported and reconfigured. The reconstitution of DAMA New England is one example where the DAMA International Board has stepped in to help a struggling Chapter which is due to announce it "new look" to its faithful members. We look forward to working with current, reforming and a growing list of forming Chapters to build a strong base for the Data Management profession. Adding Central Membership to the mix has proved to be a popular move and we are working with Chapters to improve and increase our benefit offering  

  • Some Chapters have become defunct over the years, and DAMA-I is in the process of assessing these on a case by case basis to see if they can be resurrected or if they need to be taken off our list of recognised Chapters. Where a DAMA member is aware that a Chapter that is currently listed as an active Chapter on is no longer functioning, please contact and we will engage with the last known contact person for that Chapter to confirm its status. (Be warned: if we can’t find a contact person, we may ask you if you are interested in helping restart the Chapter!)

  • Our Privacy, Ethics, and Governance (PEG) Committee has been working with Chapter members to help resolve identified conflicts of interest that have been brought to their attention, in particular those involving the promotion of competing certifications at events promoted by or run by Chapters. While it is never pleasant to remind partners of their obligations under the Affiliation agreement and associated governance documentation that Chapters must submit, it is sometimes necessary

  • Resignations from Boards of volunteer-led organisations happen for a variety of reasons. DAMA-International has been saddened by a small number of departures from our executive team over the past few years, but this has created the opportunity to restructure and refocus the Board and forced us to recognise the limitations of relying solely on volunteer leadership to drive the operations of the organisation so we can better serve all our members. Addressing these challenges is a key focus of the Board over the coming months

  • The DAMA Board and our teams of volunteer contributors remain committed to delivering on a range of key deliverables this quarter, including the publication of the long-awaited DMBOK2, which enters a final Public Review stage shortly, as well as the further development of the CDMP certification which is already a popular Data Management certification and had an even greater success at EDW 2017 than the previous launch year

  • We are building partnerships with a number of other peer organisations, industry bodies and other like-minded organisations to promote common objectives and improve the recognition of DAMA as the premier organisation for Data Management professionals internationally. We look forward to working with DAMA members or former members who may be considering establishing Data Management SIGs within other organisations to help promote the message of effective Data Management disciplines (You may be pleasantly surprised to see us there already)

  • The DAMA-International Board reaffirms its commitment to developing a sustainable organisation that can support and serve members around the world. Individual members and Chapter Boards who also work to support and serve the Data Management Community should be recognised and respected for their efforts. The DAMA Board looks forward to sharing the benefits of the changes we have been making with both Chapters and Members as we continue to grow and develop member benefits and promote and develop the Data Management profession. We also look forward to working with peer organisations in Information Management and other professions to ensure the business value of information management is understood and applied

  • Many of the comments on the social media post in question highlight the fact that Data Management is changing and there needs to be an increased focus on Business Value. DAMA-I has recognised this in its strategic planning and has been working for the past few years to address this through the redesign of the CDMP certification and by trying to identify how best to present the business value of information management as a broad discipline while still reflecting and respecting the different niche specialisms within the profession. The upcoming release of DMBOK2, and forthcoming changes to how the DMBOK2 will be maintained and kept relevant, will help continue that momentum

  • DAMA delivers all its initiatives, products, and services through a network of volunteers who donate time, knowledge and intellectual capital to the development of the profession. The key to growing and evolving DAMA and sustaining value in the profession is for us all to value and recognise the contribution of volunteers at all levels within DAMA and to encourage more people to volunteer in any of the various ways that are available. Whether it is running a Chapter, submitting questions for the CDMP certification, contributing to the development of the DMBOK, individual DAMA members can, and do, contribute to the continued growth and vitality of the organisation.  The Board takes this opportunity to salute you all and thank you for your service


Who to contact:  

  • DAMA Members with questions about member benefits for Central Members: 
  • To raise a concern about the operation of a 
  • Opportunities to contribute to DAMA’s activities as a volunteer: INFO@DAMA.ORG  
  • Chapter members who want to find out more about the benefits available to them through their Chapter should contact their Chapter directly - a list of chapters is available at 
  • Current information about DAMA Activities is available on our website (, our DAMA I LinkedIn Group and Twitter 



Sue Geuens CDMP 

DAMA International President