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DMBOK 2.0 - Public Review Announced

The DMBOK 2.0 publication date was announced at EDW 2017 as 30th June 2017 (HAWAII Time - 23:59).

This means that we are getting ready for the final phase - our public review. This is where you have the opportunity to share your opinions with the Publications team. Earlier versions have been edited to incorporate feedback from previous reviews. In addition, primary contributors have now done a final review on their chapters.

These public reviews will be conducted in two parts:

  • 17 - 30 April 2017: All chapters with the exception of the 4 listed below
  • 24 April to 7 May 2017: Data Governance, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Metadata Management, and Data Quality

How do I become a reviewer?

You are not allowed to download copies of the chapters or to share them with others

What am I going to review?

The scope of the review includes the following:

  •         Errors: Please identify any points that are incorrect 
  •         Omissions: Please identify any gaps in the text
  •         Other suggestions for Improvement: Please document any other observations that may improve the presentation of the material

All changes and suggestions will be incorporated at the discretion of the editorial team and no discussion will be entered into at this time. As we plan to make the DMBOK review an ongoing process into the future, please know that any and all suggestions not incorporated into Version 2 will be managed at a later date

Please feel free to contact us at with any queries or questions you may have

Kind regards


Sue Geuens CDMP; President                                                    Laura Sebastian-Coleman CDMP; Publications Officer