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DAMA-DMBOK Functional Framework Paper

Original DAMA-DMBOK (version 1)


NEW DAMA-DMBOK2  Framework Paper 2012

DAMA Dictionary of Data Management 2011

DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) 2009

New DAMA-DMBOK2 Framework paper, a free download.

The Functional Framework was developed as a tool for organizing the DAMA-DMBOK.

 VERSION 1 Now you can download  in English and French, Japanese and Chinese (DAMA- DMBOK version 1 only at this time)Check out this functional framework by downloading a free copy here

VERSION 2 The NEW (DAMA-DMBOK2) Framework in English only , free copy click here

The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management (2nd ed) launched April 2011

  • Over 2000 terms defining a common data management vocabulary for IT professionals, data stewards and business leaders.
  • Over 40 topics including finance and accounting, knowledge management, architecture, data modeling, XML, and analytics.
Authored by DAMA International, published by Technics Publications, LLC, and edited by
Susan Earley, this dictionary will promote a standard set of data management terms within the field of Information Technology (IT).

The Dictionary can be purchased through
Technics Publications’ website at  or Amazon

Until very recently, data management in most IT departments has been largely ignored as a formal discipline.  This lack of understanding has brought us to a point today where the biggest problems in most major IT projects revolve around data integration and information management.  DAMA has now addressed this problem by creating the DAMA Data Management Guide to the Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) – the first "authoritative resource" for data management best practices in 40 years of IT practice.

The DAMA-DMBOK was published on April 5th 2009. It is an industry-wide effort, compiled by more than 120 data management practitioners from around the world. 

The DAMA-DMBOK is available from Amazon, here, or direct from the publisher, here.

Hardcover printed Guide - $74.95 (available from March 2010)

For more information, please click here.

For our publisher, and to purchase please click


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  • The following Study Guides for the CDMP exams are no longer available from DAMA International, but may be obtained from the ICCP website at
    • Data Management Exam Study Guide Exam Series V.1 (2nd ed.) 2007.
    • Data Warehousing Exam Study Guide Exam Series V.2 2007.





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