Chapter Affiliation Fee Checklist

Chapter Affiliation Fee Checklist

Chapter Affiliation Fee Checklist

  • DAMA Chapter affiliation fees are not due during the Chapter in Formation phase or during the first full year after incorporation of a DAMA Chapter.

Your official affiliation begins on the day your incorporation as a non profit occurs. Therefore in order to help get you started, your first official DAMA International dues, will begin on the first January after one full year of incorporation. (For example, if you incorporated in March of 2002, your first Affiliation dues will occur in January of 2004. If you incorporate in December of 2002, your dues will still begin January 2004.)

Note: Even though you are newly affiliated it is still essential to summit DAMA Affiliation Fee Payment Form and send it in so that your chapter can be recognized as a member in good standing and be covered by general liability insurance (United States and Canadian DAMA chapters).

  • DAMA Chapter affiliation fees for a calendar year are based on the number of Chapter members on January 1st of that calendar year.

In January of a calendar year, determine the approximate number of chapter members for that calendar year. Individual named members count as one member; this is regardless of whether they are affiliated as individuals or part of a corporation at the local chapter level. We will not attempt to pro-rate or micro-manage the membership lists during the year. This is an on-your-honor system.

  • If membership dues are not received by the DAMA International VP of Finance, by March 31st, a warning will be issued. If after the warning is issued no response is made, the chapter is at risk of being disaffiliated with DAMA International.
  • DAMA International affiliation fee amounts are determined strictly by number of named members. There is no affiliation fee for a Chapter in Formation or for new chapters during their first year after incorporating. (Example: Chapter forms during July, 2004. First dues will be assessed on January 1, 2006 and due March 31, 2006.) During the second (2nd) and subsequent years, each affiliated DAMA chapter will pay an affiliation fee based on the following fee structure:

Number of Chapter Members

Chapter Affiliation Fee (

1 - 25



$2 per named member

  • Annual DAMA Chapter affiliation fees for a calendar year are due and payable on March 31st of that calendar year.

Prior to March 31st, prepare and submit the DAMA Affiliation Fee Payment Form sent by the DAMA International Treasurer. Indicate:

    • Chapter name
    • Number of chapter members
    • Amount of affiliation fees enclosed
    • Beginning month of your Chapter's fiscal year
    • Any changes to your Chapter officers or contact information

Mail the DAMA Affiliation Fee Payment Form and your check, payable to DAMA International, to:

DAMA International
P. O. Box 5786
Bellevue, WA 98006-5786

Please direct any comments or questions or requests for more information to:
Vice President Financial Services, DAMA International

Last revised: July 26, 2004

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