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DAMA Certified Data Management Professional Certification Program (CDMP)
- Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP)

DAMA sponsored vendor-independent professional certification/designation. There are two levels of certification: Practitioner and Mastery level. This certification program has been offered by DAMA since 1993. The ICCP manages the delivery of the CDMP certification for DAMA.


DAMA Data Governance & Stewardship Professional (DGSP)    NEW March 2012

- Data Governance & Stewardship Professional (DGSP)
DAMA sponsored vendor-independent professional credential for data governance and stewardship professionals. There are two levels of certification: Practitioner and Mastery level. The ICCP manages the delivery of the DGSP credential for DAMA.


Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP)
- Certified Computing Professional (CCP)

When taking the CDMP you can also look into this certification. 



In the US: 


Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA)
- Certified Insurance Data Manager


In Canada:

Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)
- Information Systems Professional (ISP)

In the UK:

British Computer Society (BCS)
- Business Systems Development Certificate in Data Management



Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP)

DAMA International is a constituent society of the ICCP. We recognize and support their certification programs and the Data Management Specialty exam.

The ICCP certificate program consists of experience- based tests. An ICCP designation is conferred upon anyone who meets all requirements of:

Passing the examinations

Meeting the experience requirement. This requirement calls for 48 months of full-time work in computer-based information systems excluding clerical, data entry and classroom work. Up to 24 months of credit is given for Bachelor degrees in related fields. Credit may be earned for giving presentations, serving on boards and committees of professional organizations, teaching, writing articles and books, etc.

Signing a document agreeing to comply with the ICCP Codes of Ethics, Conduct and Good Practice.

The professional designations are:

Certified Computing Professional (CCP) - after passing the Core exam and two specialty exams

Associate Computing Professional (ACP) - for new college graduates

Proficiency Certificate - in one specialty exam such as the Data Management (DM) exam to demonstrate competency in a specific area. Proficiency exams may also be credited toward the CCP and ACP designations. (A DAMA International team originally developed the DM exam in 1993.)

For more details  click here . Also visit the ICCP Web Page at for more information. For brochures, application forms and Study Guides, contact ICCP by voice at 1-800-U-GET-CCP or (847) 299-4227, by FAX at (847) 299-4280, or by e-mail at The mailing address is:

2350 Devon Suite 115
Des Plaines, IL 60018


Insurance Data Management Association

The Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA) offers theCertified Insurance Data Manager (CIDM) and the Associate Insurance Data Manager (AIDM) designations.

This certification program offers a series of courses in the insurance industry and data management, which, coupled with the appropriate experience lead to the CIDM or AIDM certification.


Canadian Information Processing Society

Information Systems Professional (ISP)
The I.S.P. is the professional designation for Information Technology professionals in Canada. It was introduced in 1989, by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). Until then, IT practitioners were without the benefits such a professional designation offers.

To be eligible for the I.S.P., an applicant must provide documented evidence that he or she is able to meet or exceed the established criteria for academic qualifications and relevant experience. Experience must be in a role requiring the use of a significant level of IT knowledge where a high level of independent judgment and responsibility are exercised.

 British Computer Society

Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) - London
Business Systems Development Certificate in Data Management Essentials

Holders of the ISEB BSD Certificate in Data Management Essentials should be able to: Act as members of a Data Management team within an organisation, Implement an industry standard "best practice" approach to their Data Management work, Understand the roles and skills required in database administration, data administration and repository administration, Contribute to Technology Direction Evaluation, Aid in the construction of a Data Charter, Practise basic data administration, database administration and repository administration skills, Develop procedures for managing an organisation's corporate data resource.

Diploma in Business Systems Development - Specialising in Data Management
The Diploma is aimed at all staff in a Data Management section; different modular routes to "diplomate" status are available for those with a business-focused Data Administration role and those with a technical Database/Repository Management role. As with all other BSD Diplomas, a modular approval is supported. All candidates for the Diploma must possess the BSD Certificate in Data Management Essentials, the syllabus for which defines the core activities and standards needed for successful Information Resource Management within an organisation. This syllabus is based on work done jointly by the BCS Data Management Specialist Group and the ISEB, and reflects the standard approach to DM published in the European-wide AESOPIAN best practice database.


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