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 Recommended Curriculum In Data Management for Post Secondary Institutions


DAMA Curriculum for Post Secondary Education

Recommended Curriculum in Data Management for Post Secondary Institutions: 2005 North America edition

The scope of this project is to publish a document that lists recommended topics, career paths, guidelines and core competencies for IRM/DRM academic and professional degree programs. This will involve compilation and revision of work done in this area by various organizations. This document may be used by guidance counselors, college faculty, employers or other professionals to advise students and others interested in this field. It must be applicable to the needs of all levels of post-secondary education, from 2-year colleges through graduate school programs in North America, along with professional development courses. The core topics will also encompass those competency areas included in the certification exams for IRM/DRM professionals given through the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).

The approach taken by this DAMAI Data Management curriculum consists of
the following sections :

Model for data management in the real world

List of concepts in Data Management

List of topics from the ICCP DRM exam as input

Body of Knowledge ( BOK) for DM as input

List of careers and job clusters from the NWET ( Northwest Center for Emerging Technologies)

List of education delivery channels based on the North American model

Clustering of topics for courses

Cross Reference Matrices for the reader to study in the development of a curriculum

This curriculum is of a continuing nature. We are interested in hearing from Data Management professionals and educators in DRM about topics or delivery channels, and the flexibility of this curriculum. Inquiries for early editions should be directed to the VP Research_and_Education. The Curriculum Framework is available free of charge.


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