Elections to the Board of Directors

Elections for the DAMA International board are held every October, with half the board up for re-election every time. The term of office starts on January the 1st following the election.


Starting January 1st, even-numbered years: Starting January 1st, odd-numbered years:

Data Management Standards

Education Services and Special Projects


Member Services

Online Services


Ethics Officer - chosen by the President, recommended by DAMA I board

Chapters Services


Conference Services

Industry Services



Presidents' Council Chairperson


To be an eligible candidate, the person must be a member of a DAMA chapter in Nominees must be members in good standing (paid dues), have served at least one term as a member of a chapter board, and be willing to serve in that office.
Those who are incumbents in their positions must be re-nominated by their chapter boards if they wish to run for election on this year's ballot.
Descriptions of what each position involves are in the DAMA International Handbook.
The DAMA International Byelaws are here.
And every board members has to agree to the Code of Ethics, and sign and return the Code of Ethics Certificate. They must attend three of the monthly board meetings a year (mostly teleconferences); this must include one of the two face-to-face meetings. This requirement is currently being reviewed, and is likely to be more stringent by the time the current elections are complete, so candidates should be prepared to attend all board meetings (once a month).


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