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This is not the Site Map. If you wanted that, it is here. This page is more of a guidebook than an index, and things will get added to it as we realise they are needed. 


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Publicising your data management event If you are organising a conference, course, or other Data Management related event, look here to see how we can help publicise it.
Where do I find... Looking for a document or information about a subject? Look here.


Publicising your Data Management event

There are two places where your Data Management event can be publicised. And a few things you need to know before you start.

First: we take our vendor neutrality very seriously, and we will not publish anything that implies that one offering is better than another. This means that we will not say that one offering is 'the best', 'the greatest', 'leading', or any similar thing. The VP Online Services will remove any such phrases before they get released. (Note - this may not apply to things that are already on the site in November 2008, when this rule is being introduced. But it applies to everything from now on.)

Second: It may take a while for something you submit to get onto the site. We aim to get things done the same day, or the next day, but sometimes it takes longer.

Third: we check the links that get submitted, to make sure that (a) they work, and (b) they go where they say they do.

If there are any problems with putting something on the site, we wil let you know as soon as possible.

The Calendar

Anyone can submit an event to the calendar. It has to be approved before it is released; once that is done, it will appear until the expiry date. Please include the person, email or website where people can find out more or book. Events will vanish when they happen - if you want it to go sooner (such as when booking closes), put that date in as the end date.

The News Box

The News box, on the front page, is maintained by the VP Online Services. It contains announcements about DAMA International, and about conferences and courses that we think wil interest our members. What goes in there is at the discretion of the VP Online Services, and will largely depend on how much else is in at the time. It is a good place for things like Calls for Papers, so if you are organising a relevant conference we suggest that you let the VP_Online_Services know about it.

Where do I find...

What? Where?
Who is on the Board of Directors? Under 'About Us' - the Board of Directors page.
DAMA International By-Laws The Policies Page
DAMA International Ethics Statement The Policies Page
Where is my local chapter? Under 'Chapter' - the Chapter List page.


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