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Royals Roads University - Victoria
Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Management
In today's highly competitive environment, knowledge management is imperative for success. Organizations that are able to capture and share knowledge enhance their strategic capabilities, achieve higher levels of technical effectiveness, and obtain superior performance. The discipline and practice of knowledge management combines an understanding and integration of organizational behaviour, information technology, human resource strategic planning.  New graduate program 2009

University of British Columbia- Vancouver
Data Management - course 

CPSC 504: Data Management. Principles and techniques for the design and implementation of data management systems. History of data management. Design of relational systems. Data management applications. Alternate data models.



University of Ottawa  - Ottawa
Department of Engineering Research
Information Management and Data Mining
This research area has applications in a variety of areas, including e-commerce, health care systems management, anthropometry, and bioinformatics, amongst many others. Our research includes the simulation of a complete data warehouse at a major teaching hospital and three major health care processes.  We also have developed a data mining system for consumer profiling, based on anthropometric measurements, demographics and 3D body shapes.



Universite de Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke
Business Intelligence Course - Facilte d'Administration
Uses the DAMA-DMBOK as a textbook






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