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University of California at Berkley - EECS. Research in Database Management Systems  

University of Phoenix - Arizona

I am looking for individuals to participate in a qualitative grounded theory study titled "The Data Organization: A Theoretical Framework for a Successful Enterprise Data Strategy" in to finalize the requirements of my doctoral degree for the University of Phoenix. To participate in the study, an individual must have held a leadership role in an enterprise data effort such as ERP, CRM, data warehousing, or business intelligence. Leadership roles could be organizational, project/program, or technical. Examples of leadership roles include director, manager, vice president of a organization responsible for the enterprise data effort, project or program manager of an enterprise data effort, or technical leadership roles such as system integrator, database administrator, or data architect. The requirements for the study include signing a permission form to participate in the study; the permission form would require notifying your employer of your involvement in the study if your experience is relative to your current employer. If you no longer work for the organization your experience is pertinent to, you will only need to provide permission for your involvement in the study. While names and organizations will be anonymous, permission is required. Also the study would require a 60-90 minute interview which is recorded for data collection purposes and possibly a 30 minute follow-up conversation to clarify any ambiguity for analysis purposes. Confidentiality of interview results will be addressed by coding of names.

 Here is the problem statement  of the study in brief:
The general problem is that organizations lack a sufficient framework required to implement an enterprise data strategy. A sufficient framework is one that guides organizations in understanding the actions, methods, or practices that would make an enterprise data strategy successful . Actions, methods, and practices will define the framework for the strategy. The specific problem to be researched in this study is to understand what actions, methods, and practices have contributed to a successful enterprise data strategy.
Those who qualify and are interested should email Deanne Larson at  Thanks for your support!





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