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Update November 2013

DAMA Japan Annual Conference Event Nov 2011 Satoshi Matsumoto President

DAMA-DMBOK in Japanese and in  NEW Hardcopy version held by Satoshi Matsumoto, President DAMA Japan, November 2011 at the DAMA JAPAN Conference, Toyko.


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News Release  (excerpt)     November 4, 2009 Data Research Institute Co. Ltd.,  Tokyo , Japan

DRI agrees on a Japanese translation of DAMA-DMBOK with DAMA International headquartered in the United States, and is recognized as an formal continuing education institution.  An educational services based on DAMA-DMBOK are scheduled in Japan.
DRI (Headquarters Tokyo , Chuo Ward and the president: Motohiro Kurosawa) was recognized as a formal educational institution of the DAMA-DMBOK in agreement with translating Japanese of DAMA-DMBOK(DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge). DAMA International is not for profit organization for international data management specialists. 
DRI will offer educational services based on DAMA-DMBOK, and develop the consulting service in the data management area using their know-how.
DRI has been researching technology concerning data modeling and information resource management, and providing the consulting service since 1985. DRI has made efforts in data governance of integrating customer data and product data built in each system (MDM service) and data quality management in recent years.

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