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DAMA PC August 2021 Meeting Announcement

DAMA PC August 2021 Meeting Announcement

QRG, Quick Reference Guide to Chapter Startup - this is an initiative led by Marc Nolte, from DAMA Calgary, where the intent is to put together all those tips and tricks that a new Chapter has to consider not only for its creation but during its ramp up. Collecting this from other experienced Chapters is a way of creating synergy.

Creating Value for Members - one of the most common concerns DAMA Chapters have is how to produce value not only to attract members but to retain them and to develop a strong community of data management professionals. Mike Miller from DAMA Chicago is leading this initiative to put together creative and fresh ideas coming from different DAMA Chapters to be shared across all the existing and forming Chapters.

Come to our August Presidents' Council Meeting and cheer or join Marc's and Mike's initiatives! If you missed July's meeting, you could find minutes, recording and materials here:

 JULY 22 2021

Remember this meeting is for Chapters' Presidents or delegates. If your Chapter has not received the invitation, send a note to

Make sure your Chapter is represented and be part of the Chapters' Synergy!