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2020 Nominee for VP Online Services

Jerrod Young

Jerrod Young is a Business Systems Analyst and Software Developer for Westlake ACE Hardware, specializing in integration of 3rd party tools with the company's ERP system. His previous experience includes managing large data forensics projects for major class action lawsuits across the globe, which uncovered key facts that went on to help millions of suffering individuals deserving restitution. In his spare time, he runs a small home-based business that provides web design, hosting, graphic design, digital printing, and IT support services for the local community. Jerrod has volunteered at DAMA Kansas City since 2016 as the VP Webmaster, building their first website, implemented payment processing, and is currently is integrating document sharing. He has also been volunteering on the DAMA International Board of Directors since 2018, initially as VP of Marketing & Communications, but was transitioned to VP of Online Services, as DAMA International quickly recognized his technical skills could be better leveraged. Since becoming VP Online Services, Jerrod has taken over management of the deprecated website and membership software solution, mitigated a malicious attack on the Mike 2.0 mass email functionality that was sending SPAM out to the world, and organized a team that just launched a new and improved SaaS website and membership capability that has brought DAMA International into the 21st century.

The immediate plans for DAMA International Online Services are to integrate our new Membership capability with our CDMP certification administrator, add additional functionality to our new web site capability such as e-commerce, and sunset our legacy web site and Mike 2.0 hosted environments.