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General Information

Following is the information about the DAMA International 2024 Board of Directors Elections. We encourage all Active Chapters that have signed the current Affiliation Agreement to participate in the election.

Please carefully review the following information before submitting a nomination.


DAMA by-laws

Election Committee Charge

Elections Committee





Peter Vennel

DAMA-I Board

DAMA-I Board of Directors Representative

Peter Aiken

DAMA-I Board

Presidents' Council Representative

Eugene Desyatnik

DAMA Philadelphia

Presidents' Council Representative

James Wang

DAMA China Shanghai

Central Membership Representative

Ryan Owens


Legal Advisor

Claire Gastanaga

DAMA-I General Counsel

Administrative Support

Jennifer Lawrence



Elections Process

Elections Process Calendar

Open Positions

  • VP Finance
  • VP Conference Services
  • VP Marketing

Refer to the by-law's sections 3.4.3, 3.4.5, and 3.4.6 for a description of these roles and responsibilities.


Each of these individuals will serve a term of three years beginning 01 January 2025 and ending 31 December 2027.

Remember, to progress from nominee to candidate:

  • You must be a current Chapter or Central Member of DAMA-I.
  • You have to be nominated by a Chapter (irrespective of whether you belong to a Chapter).
  • You must have served one full term as a current or former Director of DAMA-I, a Chapter governing board member, OR on the governing board of another non-for-profit organization.
  • A chapter may submit multiple nominations for a position and nominations for every position that is open, however:
    • a person may accept nomination to run only for one position; and
    • no more than 2 directors from one chapter or one company can serve on the Board as voting directors at the same time.
  • Once elected, you are required to complete the DAMA-I Statement of Understanding, Annual Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest, and Code of Ethics.


The DAMA-International Board would particularly welcome nominations from Chapters of individuals who have not previously served on the DAMA-I Board and not only meet the minimum eligibility requirements set out in the by-laws section 3.6.1, but would bring the following additional knowledge, skills, and experience to the Board and enhance its global reach:

  1. Significant experience with other non-profit organizations or professional associations that can inform their service on the DAMA-I Board.

  2. Strong financial acumen including an understanding of budgets and financial reporting.

  3. Experience working with, and possession of, a personally owned, secured computer or tablet that can run modern tools for collaboration including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint, and basic literacy in using those tools.

  4. An understanding of global security and privacy rules around acquisition, storage, and management of personally identifiable information and a commitment to adhering to the DAMA-I Code of Ethics and privacy rules.

  5. An understanding of the importance  of securing the organization's resources, including protecting and enforcing its intellectual property rights globally (copyrights and trademarks).

  6. Time to devote to the work of the Board and the flexibility in the use of time required to participate effectively in a global organization. The time commitment Board service requires varies with the position's responsibilities but averages at least fifteen hours a month.

  7. CDMP certification or equivalent knowledge of data management gained from academic training or work experience.

  8. Membership in a Chapter outside the U.S. and Canada.

  9. People interested in serving on the Board should submit to their Chapter and to the Elections Committee a one-page statement of their interest in and reasons for serving on the Board that includes information about how their selection as a Board member will assist the Board in meeting its goal of becoming broadly representative and inclusive. Chapters should use the form that will be provided by the Election Committee to submit nominations to ensure that the Election Committee has the information it needs to verify the eligibility of the nominee as required by the by-laws section 3.6.1.