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Board Member Annual Statement of Understanding

As a member of the Board of Directors of DAMA International (DAMA-I), I understand that I have a fiduciary duty to protect, maintain, and further DAMA-I’s ability to fulfill its purpose and carry out its mission. I understand that I also have a duty of loyalty to the organization and its purpose and a duty to exercise due care in my role as a Board member.

Serving on the DAMA International Board of Directors requires a serious commitment of time and energy. The Board meets in person semi-annually, typically on weekends. Meetings may be held in conjunction with the annual DAMA co-sponsored conferences. When the Board meeting is NOT in conjunction with a conference, it may be held in a city chosen in collaboration with the Board. Travel, hotel, and food costs for meetings will be compensated by DAMA International according to the DAMA Travel Policy (in development). In addition, virtual Board meetings are held monthly. Board members' responsibilities between meetings are estimated to be from ten to twenty-five hours of dedicated (virtual or in-person) time per month. Board member communication between meetings is generally via the Internet, email, or telephone.

I understand it is the role of the Board of Directors collectively to ensure effective governance of fiscally sound programs and to provide strategic direction for the organization.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I am fully committed to helping realize the organization’s mission and purpose and will carry out the duties of a member of the Board to the best of my ability. 

To that end, I assume the following responsibilities:

To comply with the DAMA-I Code of Ethics and the Board’s Conflict of Interest Policy (under development) and avoid the appearance of impropriety in my work as a Board member.

To know the policies and programs of DAMA-I and provide oversight of their implementation.

To serve as an advocate for DAMA-I within my circles of influence (personal, professional, civic, etc.) and to share my resources and talents with the organization, including expertise, contacts, etc.

To understand the financial structure of DAMA-I, including its status and obligations as a tax-exempt organization and professional association with affiliate chapters.

To review financial documents and to know the organization’s budget—including reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget.

To help to assure that DAMA-I has adequate resources to carry out its mission and accomplish its purpose including taking an active role in helping to protect and enforce DAMA-I’s intellectual property rights globally (copyrights and trademarks).

To develop and maintain an understanding of global security and privacy rules around acquisition, storage, and management of personally identifiable information

To comply with DAMA-I’s privacy policies and security policies (under development), and to maintain the confidentiality of all non-public information regarding the members and donors, operations, policies, interactions, and practices of DAMA-I.

To commit the time required to engage fully as a Board member of an international organization including attending all scheduled Board meetings, reviewing the materials provided to Board members in advance of the meetings, and serving actively on committees of the Board, understanding that flexibility in scheduling is essential in an international organization operating in many time zones.

To facilitate my active participation as a Board member by maintaining a access to a secure computer or tablet that can run modern tools for collaboration including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint, and maintain basic literacy in using those tools. 

To bring an equity mindset to my work as a Board member asking how our work reflects our commitment to being a fully inclusive international organization and advances equitable outcomes.

To withdraw from the Board if my circumstances change such that I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities as a Board member.