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Registered Education Provider Program

Becoming a Registered Education Provider means demonstrating you or your company can accomplish the requirements described in the DAMA-I REGISTERED EDUCATION PROVIDERS POLICY.




Getting Registered for the first time

The process to become a Registered Education Provider has 3 stages:

  1. Validation of applicant being compliant with DAMA-I Registered Education Providers Policy
  2. Validation of proposed courses’ syllabus, outline, and details
  3. Validation of courses’ materials (a REP can be registered with a minimum of one course and may submit more courses for approval during the term of being REP)

Once DAMA-I has validated the requirements, you will be asked to sign the Registered Education Provider Agreement and pay a yearly fee to receive the status and benefits of DAMA International Registered Education Providers.

Upon applying, the applicant will be contacted to provide additional information, including the provision of training materials for review. In addition, depending on the information submitted, a panel interview or other information must be made available.

Once the panel has evaluated all the submissions, a decision will be made. If the applicant is successful and fees have been paid, the applicant will sign the REP Agreement (TBD) and be added to the list of providers.


Registering additional courses

After being approved as REP, additional courses may be submitted for approval during the REP term. This process has two steps provided the REP term and conditions required are still valid:

  1. Validation of additional courses’ syllabus, outline, and details
  2. Validation of course materials


Please note:  All responses must be in English.

Have all instructor information ready to provide before completing this form:

  • List of CDMP Exams passed
  • Dates of CDMP Exams passed
  • CDMP Level (Masters or Fellow)
  • Email account you used to register for exams at
  • Link to your online CV or resume

If you have not yet attained a CDMP Master Level or Fellow certification, please do not fill out this form.  



  • Instructors must maintain and keep current their Master Level and above certification during their program term.
  • Providers will offer substantial discounts for official DAMA Chapter and DAMA-I events.
  • Materials and offerings must be kept current with DAMA DMBOK versions and be submitted for DAMA-I review.
  • Upon acceptance into the program, the applicant will pay a yearly fee. As of 2022, that fee is $1,500 USD per year but can change.  
  • Details about these obligations will be included in the Registered Education Provider agreement.



Providers will be licensed to use the following materials in their training offerings:

  • A percentage of DMBOK figures (including the Data Management Wheel and Context diagrams)
  • A percentage of text from the DMBOK
  • Use of the DAMA Registered Education Provider Program logo

Providers will also benefit of:

  • Listing on the DAMA Registered Education Providers web page
  • Periodic announcement on the DAMA website
  • An announcement in a DAMA Newsletter
  • Announcement to DAMA Chapter leaders

Details about these benefits will be included in the Registered Education Provider agreement.



Registered Education Provider Program FAQ


Q. How do I become a DAMA Registered Education Provider?

A. Apply via our REP application form, and you will be contacted for the next steps.


Q. Is there a fee for the program?

A.  Yes, there is a yearly fee.


Q. What do I do if I am not certified to the Master Level or above? What if my certification is out of date?

A. All instructors that give CDMP® exam courses must be certified at the Master Level or above for the current version of the exams. If you are not yet certified, you will need to attain certification before applying for this program.


Q. How long does this process take?

A. If all instructors are certified, the process to become a REP takes as little as 60 business days from receiving the completed application form.


Q. Can I use the DMBOK content for my non-registered CDMP® courses?

A. Use of the DMBOK content in courses or training events is licensed only via this program.


Q. Where do I go if I have other questions?

A. Please e-mail