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Chapters >> Membership List Usage Policy


This policy addresses how the Data Management Association International® (DAMA-I®) will manage, handle and control the use of the organization’s membership list. This policy applies specifically to anyone who is authorized access to the membership list – this includes: the DAMA-I Board of Directors, official bodies, permanent or contract staff and corporate member administrators.



Users who have legitimate needs to access and use the organization’s membership list require a clear, reasonable and fair standard for the use of the membership list that is applicable to all.



Members will have a clear understanding of the guidelines for access to, use of and dissemination for the DAMA-I’s membership list. The DAMA-I Membership List Usage Policy will minimize the potential for confidential, sensitive and proprietary information or data to be compromised. Further, this policy will minimize the risk of members, non-members, and staff members being accused of inappropriate activity or the appearance of impropriety.



The DAMA-I membership list is a confidential data collection of the members of the organization and these data are to be used only for purposes approved by the DAMA-I Board of Directors. The list may contain both current and past membership information, including for example contact information, mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses, membership category, years of affiliation, payment status, etc. (A link to the precise list might be attached here.) This data collection exists in our M365 and membership support systems.



VP Membership is the primary steward of this collection and may grant access to others upon request. Examples of appropriate use of the membership list include, but are not limited to:

  • DAMA-I Meeting announcements, · DAMA-I new member welcome letters,
  • DAMA-I membership renewal “thank you” letters,
  • DAMA-I committee/teams, efforts,
  • DAMA-I Certified Data Management Professional (CMDP®) candidates and/or certified members administration
  • Preparation of DAMA-I reports or projects,
  • Other DAMA-I membership communications,
  • DAMA-I election ballots, and
  • Billing and membership contact  


Use of the DAMA-I Membership list is strictly prohibited for any uses other than internal DAMA-I activities. Examples of inappropriate use of the DAMA-I membership list include but are not limited to:

  • sale or rent of the DAMA-I membership list
  • use of the DAMA-I membership list for sales purposes
  • any use not explicitly approved by the DAMA-I board are strictly prohibited


Should any DAMA entity or a third party have a need to communicate with the membership for an approved purpose, they will send the communication to the VP Membership. The VP Membership can delegate to a permanent or contract staff to coordinate. The list will never be given to a third party directly. The DAMA-I Membership list is the sole property of the DAMA-I.



Membership in the DAMA-I constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Policy and its requirements. This policy does not grant or imply any license to individuals to use the DAMA-I list for anything accept DAMA-I business activities as identified in Section IV above.



  1. Authority: Any information pertaining to membership, including but not limited to, databases, lists, mailing labels and reports, may be used only in connection with the authorized, lawful business of the DAMA-I consistent with the organisation’s by-laws. Such information is considered as confidential and shall not be shared with or distributed to individuals or business entities outside the DAMA-I.
  2. Disclosure: Individuals, accountable under this policy, may not purposefully disclose the DAMA-I membership list, in whole or in part, except to individuals known to be authorized to receive such information. Such individuals shall act with due care to avoid the disclosure of such information to anyone else, and to avoid its use for personal gain or the advantage of other organizations or entities.
  3. Policy Usage: Because of the sensitive nature of the information contained in the DAMA-I Membership list, this policy shall apply at all times and to all individuals having access to the DAMA-I Membership list at any time.
  4. Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of each DAMA-I member to notify the Board of Directors of any violations of this policy that they know or suspect to exist. The DAMAI Board of Directors, in case of a Data Breach, represented by the Chief Privacy Officer, will notify members in accordance with their jurisdiction privacy regulations.
  5. Violations: Unauthorized use of the DAMA-I Membership List may result in suspension or revocation of membership. Apparent violations of this policy will be reviewed by the DAMA-I Board of Directors for determination of appropriate action, including referral to the DAMA Ethics Officer.