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2024 DAMA-I Board Election Process

Objective: Codify a formal process as described by the DAMA-I by-laws and Election Committee Charge.

Values: DAMA International values transparency, collaboration, and availability of processes and data while ensuring the protection of personal information.


This process is governed by the by-laws version 6.0 (dated 30 May 2020) which requires the publication of the nominations process for the Board in section 3.7.2.

Process Goals

Under the values expressed above, the goals of the process are:

  1. Transparency - a written and easy-to-follow process will facilitate implementation and eliminate uncertainty about the annual elections. This is a primary mechanism for Chapters to influence DAMA International.

  2. Collaboration - our Data Management community's health is strengthened by collaboration within and among various groups and collectives; our goal is to have as much participation in the process, believing this participation strengthens our community.

  3. Availability of processes and data - supporting collaboration is the process of making elections process and data publicly available throughout the process while at the same time protecting the personal privacy of individuals.

DAMA International's Board currently is a "working board" which means that members of the Board both govern the organization and staff its operations with assistance from independent contractors. New Board members will participate in growing the size and influence of the organization, oversee the hiring of a full-time professional executive director/CEO, and eventually, help the Board transition to a strategic governing board that oversees a staff-led organization.


  1. Assemble the Election Committee

    1. Chair: Peter Vennel has been appointed by the Board of Directors to serve in place of the Past President who is unavailable to execute this duty.

    2. Board Director: Peter Aiken

    3. Central Member: Ryan Owens

    4. Presidents' Council Representative: James Wang

    5. Presidents' Council Representative: Eugene Desyatnik

  2. Announce the Election Committee.

  3. Publish the Election Calendar on the website.

  4. Publish eligible chapters and notify chapters of the need to ensure eligibility by 01 July 2024.

  5. Publicize and solicit nominations.

  6. Verify that the nominator has the authority to nominate on behalf of the Chapter by action of the Chapter Board.

  7. Verify the nominee eligibility (including eligibility of the Chapter and the chapter official to nominate) and consent to serve upon receipt, staff will support as required.

  8. Collect bios and statements of validated nominees to support their candidacy in the election.

  9. Publicize the ballot and the candidates' forum.

  10. Participate in the Presidents' Council meetings where candidates can discuss their background and platform with Chapters.

  11. Manage the voting process - all Election Committee members will have access to the voting configuration and data during the vote.

  12. Eligible Chapters will have at least 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) to consult with their respective chapter leadership and members to consider their vote fully.

  13. Close the voting process and submit the Election Report of the results to the Board, including:

    1. Total votes cast

    2. Individual chapter votes

    3. Blank votes (did not vote or voted blank)

    4. Abstain/Present votes

Votes will be recorded in the Board meeting minutes and posted on