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2023 Nominee for VP Member Services

Baowei Zheng


Dr. Zheng currently is a board member of DAMA China Shanghai, responsible for our member services. He holds a Ph.D. in Data Engineering and has served as our board of directors for more than 6 years now. He possesses the necessary qualifications and skills for DI’s Member Services position, and I am confident in his ability to fulfill the responsibilities and abide by DAMA's Code of Ethics.


Dr. Zheng has been a member of DAMA for over 10 years, and eventually joined our board. This is his second term with our board. Under his leadership, for the past 6 six years, our individual membership has grown from 76 people to current over 2300 people, cooperate membership from 0 to current over 60. Our member services satisfaction rate is over 96%. As our board director and as a volunteer, he has spent numerous hours helping our members, from organizing seminars to weekly happy hour, from answering calls to resolving any membership questions. He is very responsible and reliable.


Starting with 2020, we decided to have our annual member meeting. He is the main driving force for organizing those meetings. Each meeting, we had more than 500 people joining us from all over China, even during the pandemic time. Those meetings promoted DAMA and attracted more membership. In addition to his member service responsibilities, he has led or participated in translating DAMA's "Data Management Body of Knowledge" (DMBOK2), "Blockchainoloy” (Steve Hoberman) , and "Navigating the Labyrinth" (Laura Sebastian-Coleman), “Data and Reality” (William Kent) and several other books into Chinese and get them all published in China. He also is the first author of book “Financial Data Management Best Practice" and book "Practical Financial Data Governance". He is very strong academically within the data management domain. Due to his excellence, he was honored with the Leading Expert in Big Data award by the China National Information Public Service Platform and National Software Public Service Platform. He also has been recognized in "Global People" magazine. Moreover, due to the nature of his work – he owns a company with over 200 employees, he has a relatively flexible schedule which allows him to allocate enough time for the responsibilities of the board and active participation in global organizational activities, according to DAMA's requirements.


1. Attract more people/businesses to join DAMA through various means:

  1. Through cooperation with DAMA conferences and marketing communication VPs, introduce DAMA and its membership rights to more people, and attract more people to join DAMA membership;

  2. Through cooperation with other associations, introduce DAMA and its membership rights to more people, and attract more people to join DAMA membership;

  3. By promoting DAMA and its membership rights on some social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., to attract more people to join DAMA membership; 

2. Better enhance member service capabilities:

  1. Continue to maintain existing membership rights:   Maintain discounts for members in DAMA conferences, books, and educational training programs; Continuously open exclusive website services, resource libraries, and some images on DMBOK to members, continuously update and improve the documents, electronic publications, and videos on the resource library, and improve member satisfaction through these proprietary services.

  2. Establish a diversified, professional, and cross industry member exchange platform, organize meetings and salons for members based on current hot topics, so that members can enjoy better professional knowledge services, enhance their professional abilities, and approve of DAMA. 

  3. Enhance individual member service capabilities:  Establish membership levels and different benefit lists for individual members who have already joined DAMA, such as being divided into members, senior members, and members, to achieve continuous growth of members in DAMA and utilize members to spread DAMA and its membership benefits to more people. Invite higher-level members to participate in meetings organized by DAMA and deliver keynote reports, or participate in the writing of DAMA related books, sharing members' excellent experience and knowledge in their areas of expertise, and winning more approval.

  4. Enhance the service capabilities of enterprise members: Collaborate with corporate members to establish a professional committee led by corporate members, and through professional operational segmentation, enable members to enjoy more knowledge services in professional fields; By providing market opportunities, consulting projects, talent evaluations, etc. for corporate members, we aim to improve their satisfaction


He has been involved in numerous projects related to data architecture, data modeling, data governance, and data analysis. He has dedicated himself to research and practical experience in the field of data architecture and data governance.


He hopes to use his knowledge to serve more people who are interested in data.