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2023 Nominee for VP Online Services

Bo Hu


Dr. Bo Hu is one of the earliest members of DAMA in China. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in many DAMA-related activities. He is one of the founding members and directors of DAMA China Shanghai, responsible for online services. This is his second term of the DAMA China Shanghai board.


Dr. Hu has been in charge of online services for several years. He is responsible for operating DAMA China's official website, WeChat official account, mini-programs, and the membership system, among which the number of followers exceeds 50,000. In particular, the membership system developed by him can meet the complex and changing business needs of DAMA China/Shanghai, such as supporting various conferences, online events, knowledge base, and more.


Dr. Hu is a well-known data expert. He has a doctorate in computer science and has held C-level critical technical positions in Kingdee, a well-known software company in China, for a long time. His management experience and expertise can help DAMA global as well.


Why is Dr. Hu qualified for this position? First, he has deep feelings for DAMA because he has served here for over 14 years. He said he felt thrilled to work for DAMA China as a volunteer. It will be more meaningful if he can work for DAMA International. Second, he recognizes that he can overcome the challenges of this position. As we all know, DAMA has done a great job in online services in China. They have an online service system in China. Dama China Shanghai closely contacts its members and carries out their work through this system. All of the above things are led by Dr. Hu.


Once Dr. Hu was elected, he believed that there is no doubt that we must first unite together when the board decides that a specific goal must be achieved. Each member should start from our positions, contribute our strengths, and work together to achieve the goal. Secondly, we must proceed from the overall interests and not consider personal interests. Everything we do must be legal, compliant, reasonable, and aligned with our campaign promises. Third, full communication is required, especially with volunteers in other positions or chapters, to ensure coordinated development. Finally, keep learning. Learn about other organizations' advanced experiences and various technologies and tools for online services.