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2023 Nominee for VP Member Services

Ekkehard Schwartz


Chapter Affiliation: German Chapter DAMA-I

Ekkehard is a co-founder of the German Chapter and served many years as its president.


Ekkehard started his career in data management over three decades ago as a database administrator. A strong focus on the business value of data characterized his work as a consultant for data integration, data warehousing, and data quality at various telecommunications, insurance, and financial companies. For more than ten years Ekkehard has now been working as a data governance evangelist and specialist.


Ekkehard joined DAMA International as a Member-At-Large in 1994. Through his many years of chapter work, he knows the challenges of both developing the local data management group and not losing sight of the internationality or the mission and vision of DAMA-I. Only a strong DAMA International Association can promote and support a local chapter and thus enable the growth of the global community. This gave birth to the slogan 'One Member One Vote', which Ekkehard wants to promote as VP Member Services within a general membership framework for DAMA-I. This will support the entire board of DAMA-I in the transition into the next decades. The whole member community is promoted through chapters, certifications, and the Body of Knowledge.


The German Chapter fully supports his nomination, underscoring his positive influence on the community.