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2023 Nominee for VP Online Services

James Anfield


James (Jim) has been an active board member of our Chicago chapter for the past 4 years. He is motivated to improve our chapter and has contributed many ideas toward that goal. The past few COVID years have been challenging to keep a chapter active and moving forward. Jim has been instrumental in that effort. He works collaboratively with other board members, communicates with respect for others, and diligently attends all of our board meetings. I believe his approach and demeanor will be beneficial as he interfaces with global chapters.


As a data professional, Jim has a deep understanding of data management from several perspectives as evidenced by key technology leadership positions he held that are outlined at These positions include:

  • Principal Healthcare Practice Leader - 7.5 years
  • Chief Compliance Officer - 2.5+ years
  • CTO - 2.5 years
  • Director, CIO Advisory for Healthcare & Life Sciences - 1 year
  • Sr. Director, Health Information Technology - 7+ years


Jim draws upon his experience when formulating ideas and recommendations.


He would like to see the growth of DAMA's focus on positioning DAMA as the preeminent place and organization for data management professionals, executives, and academics.