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Basic Information for Chapter Board Members


The DAMA International Board of Directors, as part of its duty to serve the affiliated DAMA International chapters, acts as liaison to the DAMA chapters. Each International officer serves as liaison for several chapters. The list of chapter liaisons can be found here. Please invite your liaison to attend your chapter meetings, send them copies of your meeting and event notices, and most important, contact them with questions on DAMA, requests for assistance in performing chapter duties, and for contact with other chapters that the liaison has responsibility for. Chapter liaisons can be a valuable resource for new chapter officers!

Chapter Bylaws

Each chapter is required to have a formal set of bylaws, separate from the DAMA International Bylaws. Each officer of a DAMA chapter board of directors is required to have a copy of their chapter’s bylaws, either electronically or on paper. If the chapter has a website, it is recommended that the chapter post their bylaws on their website. It is recommended that each chapter list the responsibilities of each officer of that chapter’s board of directors, and that this list is distributed to each new chapter officer at the start of their term of office.

DAMA International Code of Ethics

All chapter officers of DAMA International affiliated chapters are required to sign a copy of the DAMA International Code of Ethics, and to submit these signed copies to their chapter liaison. If you are a new DAMA chapter officer, please secure a copy of this Code of Ethics from the DAMA International website, sign the Code and deliver it to the VP Chapter Services. To access downloadable forms visit DAMA Documents. Download, complete the necessary fields, save as "name of the document_YOURNAME" and send to VP Chapter Services. Should you prefer to post them, the address is located in the footer below.

Chapter Documentation

DAMA International strongly suggests that each chapter appoint an officer to act as the chapter’s archivist, safely storing copies of all important documents. These documents would include, but are not limited to:

  • Chapter incorporation papers
  • Chapter Federal Tax ID notice
  • Chapter federal and state income tax filings
  • Chapter financial statements for all years of the chapter's existence
  • Chapter Bylaws and Handbook
  • Current full contact information for all chapter officers
  • Current chapter membership lists (name, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc...)
  • Minutes of all chapter Board of Directors' meetings
  • Other relevant documentation pertaining to the activities of a thriving DAMA chapter

Benefits of DAMA International Affiliation

Periodically, members of DAMA International chapters inquire about the benefits of membership as an affiliated chapter of DAMA International. To answer this question, the Board of Directors of DAMA International has compiled these benefits of membership and affiliation.

Board Member Interactions with DAMA International

There are a several of the ways in which Chapter board members interact with DAMA International board members. This list is not exhaustive.


Assigned To

Send To

Deliver chapter election results annually with contact information to DAMA-I (paper and electronic text document)

Chapter Presidents

DAMA-I VP Chapter Services

Annually sign the Chapter Affiliation Agreement and pay appropriate chapter affiliation fees

Chapter Treasurer

VP Financial Services

Deliver list of active chapter members (name, address, email address and chapter membership renewal date) in paper and electronic formats, with an additional copy to DAMA-I Liaison

Chapter Membership Officer

DAMA-I Chapter Services

Attend each DAMA Presidents' Council meetings (or designate and send an empowered proxy)

Chapter President (or representative)

President's Council Chair

Deliver meeting schedules for inclusion in DAMA-related publications (DM Review, DAMA Newsletter, etc.…)

Chapter Program Officer

DAMA-I Communications

Sign DAMA-I Code of Ethics

ALL newly elected Chapter Officers and DAMA-I Board

DAMA-I President DAMA-I VP Chapter Services

Deliver DAMA-I board election results annually Chapter Presidents DAMA-I Nominating Committee

Deliver copy of chapter newsletters from each issue published or include chapter liaison in chapter’s electronic mailing list

Chapter Newsletter Officers and / or Chapter Presidents

DAMA-I Chapter Liaison


Chapter Mentoring

DAMA International chapters go through stages, from formation to novice to thriving and occasionally struggling. In an attempt to assist formation and struggling chapters, the VP Chapter Services can offer assistance in various areas of chapter activities (attracting chapter volunteers, soliciting membership, recruiting superior quality speakers, revenue generation, financial assistance, etc.). If you feel that your chapter could benefit from some mentoring activities, please contact the VP Chapter Services.