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Here is a list of documents that you may be required to complete at one or other time. To do this, please download, complete the necessary fields, save as "name of the document_YOURNAME" and send to Should you prefer to post them, the address is: 364 E. Main Street, Suite 157, Middletown, DE, 19709, US

1. Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest (CoE/CoI)

We have a combined form for our Code of Ethics (CoE) and Conflict of Interest (CoI). This form is an acknowledgment of and agreement to represent DAMA International; demonstrating a high level of ethics at all times and maintaining compliance to the DAMA-I principles. It also serves as a disclosure document detailing where either personal or professional relationships may lead to a conflict of interest.

This form is It is signed by all DAMA Board and DAMA Chapter Board Members/ Committee Members:

  • Annually as long as you are on a Board or Committee
  • When stepping into a position on a Board or Committee
  • When changing your position on a Board or Committee

Download CoE/CoI

2. Chapter Affiliation Agreement (CAA)

The Affiliation Agreement is a contract between DAMA International and a DAMA Chapter in recognition of the Chapter affiliating to the DAMA International organisation. It is signed

  • Annually by the current Chapter President and the DAMA International President
  • During the year when a Chapter is formed or reformed
  • When a Chapter President steps down and a new Chapter President is on-boarded

Download CAA 

3. Mutual Non-Disclosure Document (NDA)

The Non-Disclosure document is signed by both a DAMA International representative and either an individual or an individual on behalf of an organisation for any purpose related to IP or content for and/ or on behalf of DAMA International. It is signed:

  • When joining a specific committee where some development or IP related material will be under review, change or other
  • When requested to perform a task/ activity for DAMA International that would lead to DAMA International content or IP
  • When performing a review of a vendor, educational provider, or future/ current partner of DAMA International

Download NDA