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Douglas Erickson - DAMA International Excellence Award - 2021

Douglas EricksonMr. Erickson has 45 years of IT experience that includes extensive data analysis and modeling, Data and Database management experience in two large corporations (Motorola, Inc. and Pacific Power and Light Co.) He served as Chairman, Information Systems Merger Transition Team for the Pacific Power & Light and Utah Power & Light merger.

He has a successful consulting career as an Enterprise Architect specializing in developing enterprise data and process architectures and implementing those architectures in operational systems.

During these 45 years, Doug has pursued the improvement, development, and formalization of a methodology based on the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture to improve the effective and efficient development and implementation of enterprise architectures. Doug has developed several comprehensive innovations restructuring data management and process management that deliver significant economic, performance, and effectiveness benefits to both data management and process management for any enterprise.

This interest, motivation, and experience manifest in the recently published book entitled ‘Erickson Methodology for Enterprise Architecture.’

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