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DAMA-I Election 2021

The Process

Election Cycle 2 Open Positions

  • VP Financial Services
  • VP Conference
  • VP Marketing & Communications

Click to download: 2021 DAMA-I Voting Process V1.2 FINAL.pdf


The Calendar

06 July 2021  Select election committee members
02 August 2021  Board approval of election process
04 August 2021  Deadline for chapter active status
05 August 2021  Publish committee members to website
05 August 2021  Publish election process
05 August 2021  Publish election calendar
05 August 2021  Publish term limit constraints for existing board members and any other considerations
05 August 2021  Publish list of eligible voting chapters
05 August 2021  Nominations process open for active chapter nominations
01 September 2021  Complete nominations solicitation
15 September 2021  Complete nominee validation/vetting 
22 September 2021  Publish ballot 
31 October 2021  Complete PC meetings for candidate Q&A Forum
01 November 2021  Balloting Begins
01 December 2021  Voting closes and results are announced shortly after


The Committee

Role Name
Chair  Loretta Mahon Smith
DAMA-I Board of Directors Representative  Ron Klein
Central Member  Sanjeev Kumar Upadhya
Presidents' Council Representative  Stephen Kaiser
DAMA-I Lifetime Advisor  John Zachman


Nominee Limitations and Considerations

  1. Incumbent nominees seeking reelection are confirmed eligible for reelection.
  2. Each nomination is vetted extensively for validity, accuracy, and eligibility.


The Eligible Voting Chapters 
(as of 04 August 2021, 23:59 UTC)

 DAMA Australia  DAMA Denmark  DAMA Ireland  DAMA New England  DAMA Shanghai
 DAMA Beijing  DAMA Ecuador  DAMA Italy  DAMA Norway  DAMA Southern Africa
 DAMA Brazil  DAMA Edmonton  DAMA Japan  DAMA NYC  DAMA Spain
 DAMA Calgary  DAMA France  DAMA Kansas City  DAMA Peru  DAMA UK
 DAMA Chicago  DAMA Finland  DAMA Mexico D.F.  DAMA Philadelphia  IRMAC  
 DAMA Chile  DAMA Georgia  DAMA Minnesota  DAMA Phoenix    
 DAMA China (Hong Kong)  DAMA German  DAMA Montreal  DAMA Poland    
 DAMA Colombia  DAMA Houston  DAMA NCR  DAMA Portland    
 DAMA DACH  DAMA Indiana  DAMA Netherlands  DAMA Rocky Mountain    


The Candidates (Nominees)

Position  Name Chapter Bio
VP Financial Services  April Reeve DAMA Philadelphia 2021-bio-april-reeve
VP Conference Services  Cathy Nolan DAMA Chicago 2021-bio-cathy-nolan
VP Marketing & Communications  Marc Nolte DAMA Calgary 2021-bio-marc-nolte



Congratulations to the following additions to the DAMA International Board of Directors, term of service from 01 January 2022 through 31 December 2024

  • April Reeve, VP Financial Services
  • Cathy Nolan, VP Conference Services
  • Marc Nolte, VP Marketing & Communications