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Elections 2023 cy1 report

2023 Election Report

To: DAMA International Board of Directors and Community

By: 2023 Elections Committee

Chair: Frank Kadwell, VP Finance, DAMA-I Board of Directors


Ron Legere, DAMA Calgary, Presidents' Council Representative

Eugene Desyatnik, DAMA Philadelphia, Presidents' Council Representative

James Wang, DAMA Shanghai, Presidents' Council Representative

Ryan Owens, DAMA-I, Central Membership Representative

Andrew Andrews, VP Marketing, DAMA-I Board of Directors

Cathy Nolan, VP Conference Services, DAMA-I Board of Directors

Submitted: 20 November 2023



The Election Committee met Thursday, 16 November 2023, to review the results of the 2023 election for President, Vice President for Membership, and Vice President for Online Services. Thirty-six of the DAMA-I chapters in good standing as of 01 August 2023, voted, and the results of the election are as follows:


Peter Aiken, DAMA Central Virginia (Incumbent): 27

Missy Stewart, DAMA Wisconsin: 9


Ekkehard Schwarz, DAMA German (Incumbent): 22

Cesar Ticas, DAMA New York City: 9

Baowei Zheng, DAMA Shanghai: 5



James Anfield, DAMA Chicago (Incumbent):24

Bo Hu, DAMA Shanghai: 12


The ballots were reviewed by both Jennifer Lawrence and Christine Ruddy and by our outside counsel, Claire Gastanaga, and all three verified the count.


The Election Committee congratulates the winners and thanks all who offered to serve for their willingness to make a commitment to DAMA-I's future as an organization and to its mission.