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Ronald Damhof - DAMA International Excellence Award - 2021

Ronald DamhofRonald Damhof is influential in the Dutch data management community. His model, the Damhof Data Quadrant is used by the majority Dutch organisations and the interest is growing worldwide. Through his approach he created data awareness in many private and public organisations and the Dutch data management community in general, through his vision:

  • The field of data management is full of jargon and (mostly pushed by IT vendors) hollow narratives. Most business managers and executives have a hard time to fully comprehend the jargon and hence formulate a data strategy. Ronald Damhof developed the Data Quadrant Model to enable a company-wide discussion. As such, the Data Quadrant enables a common data language between executives, engineers, architects and legal experts.
  • As organizations generate more and more data, they can no longer afford to be careless with it. Yes, data is a great asset for any organization in these modern times, but it's also a liability that needs to be managed and governed properly and fiercely. This balance between innovating with data and managing its liabilities is a prime directive of the Data Quadrant.
  • Within organizations, it's often about 'the single version of the truth', but this doesn't exist at all. There is a 'single version of the facts' and there are several 'truths’.

The model has been used as a sense-making framework for a managerial perspective in various government organisations such as the The Dutch Central Bank and the Dutch Tax authority. Within political sensitive environments he managed to get the focus on data strategy, data management, data architecture and data governance.

He has contributed his knowledge to the Dutch data management community and is well-known in this field.

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