Data Management Summit International Edition

16 Mar 2021 @ 8:30am EDT
17 Mar 2021 @ 12:00am EDT

The DMS is an exclusive event to guide the Data Management community in the technology landscape, an open discussion forum to share experiences and use cases. A fundamental summit for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, BI Managers, Data Governance Officers, Data Scientists implementing emerging technologies to solve new technological challenges. The event will take place in Spain (27 October) and Italy (second edition) on November 11th. We are actively looking for people that want to have a DMS event in his country. If you interested in open a local chapter please contact us.

The event was born from the impulse of its founders at a time when the Data Management scene was offering many events with more marketing or digital transformation oriented approaches. We at Synergo! were looking for a technical event to attend and support, when we saw that no event seemed to have this approach we spoke with customers and suppliers to see if there was a chance to fill this gap.  All this crystallized in 2018 with the first Data Management Summit at the Polytechnic University of Valencia on its Gandia campus. From there we reached a brilliant 2019 edition “scaling” in Italy and this 2020 edition is one of the most important in the industry for content and professionals.


From the first moment, we decided not to fall into the schemes of other events of these characteristics, hence the creation of what we internally call the “Dogmas of the DMS”.

Technical event: The event has a technical focus and therefore we select the audience in a rigorous way by checking one by one the profiles of the registered people (that’s why we call them candidates) and we do it by checking their Linkedin profile so it is mandatory to enter it when registering for the event. Only those who register will be able to enjoy the event.

Free event: We do not want the DMS to be a paid event. The business model is based on the participation of sponsors who support the costs of the event, including Synergo! which offers the work done by the organization. 

Speech from companies only: We do not allow speeches from suppliers, solution providers, and consultants (unless they introduce some topic of general interest and do training). We do not want “evangelists”, we think that for the type of technical event it is not necessary to hold this type of speech in the event. Sponsors may suggest a client company to hold a speech, but vendors’ speeches are not allowed. Vendors can be an active part of the roundtables, as it is interesting to know the approach to trends and the future of the data world.

Agonistic approach: We think that in this kind of event it doesn’t make sense to talk about technology, but rather about solutions, ideas, experiences. This is why our approach is agnostic with respect to technology.

Alignment to DAMA: We believe in the DAMA-I Framework and our event, even if it is not a DAMA event has a close relationship, many associates of DAMA Spain and board members actively participate in the good development of the event.

Group Dynamics: Since the first edition was the most important moment of the event as we give the protagonism to the assistants who actively participate in the generation of knowledge. In the 2020 edition, due to the restrictions of COVID, the event will be online and the dynamics have been preserved with some technical limitations. We will use the Google Meet Enterprise platform creating discussion tables that will be activated after each speech.

Round Tables: In this edition, there will be 4 contemporary round tables that will give the participants the opportunity to follow the session of their interest but that will give the possibility to change tables during the development of the same. The round tables of the 2020 edition will have the following topics: Data Governance, MDM and Architecture, Data Security, Data Quality In the round table, participants will be able to interact with members and facilitators through chat.

Attendees (5)

16 Mar 2021 @ 8:30am EDT
17 Mar 2021 @ 12:00am EDT

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