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DAMA International and the Presidents' Council Chair are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 DAMA Chapters AWARDS. This time we had five categories to recognize DAMA Chapters:

  • Value Added to Membership
  • Inspiring other Chapters
  • Collaboration with other Chapters
  • Innovation
  • Participation with DAMA-I and the Presidents' Council


All the Affiliated Chapters, and DAMA-I Board members were able to nominate Chapters based on finding a Chapter as outstanding during 2022 in one or several of these aspects.


This year's AWARD Committee was formed by:

  • Cathy Nolan (DAMA-Board member - Chair)
  • Eugene Desyatnik (Past PCC)
  • Dawn Michels (Presidents' Council Chair)
  • Marilu Lopez (Chapter Services VP)
  • Efrain Daubront - (DAMA Venezuela - Caracas Forming Chapter)


Congratulations to the winners, as they are a great example to encourage all the DAMA Chapters to continue working towards developing our DATA Management community to work towards having a world with better data.

  • Inspiration - DAMA Peru
  • Innovation - DAMA Norway
  • Collaboration - DAMA Calgary
  • Value - DAMA Shanghai
  • Participation - DAMA Minnesota


We are very grateful for all the important work these DAMA Chapters are doing. We'll continue recognizing the good work of the DAMA Chapters around the world.

 March 30, 2023