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DAMA International Elections

Standard Process

  1. Assemble the Election Committee.
  2. Publish the DAMA-I Election Calendar with dates for all upcoming election milestones.
  3. Present draft process document to the Board of Directors for a brief comment period.
  4. Publish a final process document and announce the Nomination/Election Committee.
  5. Publish incumbent limitations:
    • No Director may serve more than two consecutive terms in one position.
    • No Director may hold more than one position on the Board concurrently.
    • No more than two Directors from the same Chapter may serve on the Board concurrently.
    • No more than two Directors employed by the same Company may serve on the Board concurrently.
    • Any Director who accepts nomination for a different Director position completes the calendar year for their current position.
  6. Publish list of eligible Active chapters
    • Fully executed affiliation agreement on file with DAMA-I
    • Current affiliation fee payments
  7. Publish nominee eligibility criteria
    • Be a current Chapter or Central Member.
    • Have served one full term as a current or former Director of DAMA-I, a Chapter board member, OR on the board of another non-profit or not-for-profit professional association.
    • Only accept one nomination for one open position in any election.
    • Nominees for President must have served at least one full term on the DAMA-I Board of Directors.
  8. Solicit nominations from Active Chapters
    • A form will be created to capture all votes.
    • Certify each nominator and verify the nominee's acceptance and eligibility.
  9. Collect Bios and Platforms for validated nominees.
  10. Hold Presidents' Council meetings where candidates can discuss their background and platform with Chapters.
  11. Open the ballots:
    • Eligible Chapters will have at least 30 days to consult with their respective chapter leadership and members to fully consider their vote.
    • A form will be created to capture all votes.
    • Validate all votes entered to ensure that:
      1. Each chapter has only one vote.
      2. The individual casting the vote is authorized.
  12. Close the ballots.
  13. Report the results to the Board with all underlying data, including:
    • Total votes cast
    • Individual chapter votes
    • Blank votes (did not vote or voted blank)
    • Abstain/Present votes
  14. Record in DAMA-I Board meeting minutes and publish results on