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DAMA-I Election 2023


Candidacy Nominee Member Chapter Nominating Chapter Bio
President Peter Aiken DAMA Central Virginia DAMA Central Virginia 2023-bio-peter-aiken
President Missy Stewart DAMA Wisconsin DAMA Wisconsin 2023-bio-missy-stewart
VP Member Services Ekkehard Schwartz DAMA German DAMA German 2023-bio-ekkehard-schwartz
VP Member Services Baowei Zheng DAMA Shanghai DAMA Shanghai 2023-bio-baowei-zheng
VP Member Services Cesar Ticas DAMA New York City DAMA New York City 2023-bio-cesar-ticas
VP Online Services James Anfield DAMA Chicago DAMA Chicago 2023-bio-james-anfield
VP Online Services Bo Hu DAMA Shanghai DAMA Shanghai 2023-bio-bo-hu

The Process

Election Cycle 1 Open Positions

  • President
  • VP Member Services
  • VP Online Services

Click to review: 2023 DAMA-I Election Process


Election Results


The Calendar

26 Jun 2023   Determine eligibility and intention of Board Members
30 Jun 2023   Appoint Committee Chair
    Solicit Committee members
06 Jul 2023   Verify eligibility and acceptance
10 Jul 2023   Request Board appoint committee members
    Prepare Process and Calendar
    Request Committee review document and provide feedback
    Committee certifies final
12 Jul 2023   Present to Board for review
14 Jul 2023   Board comments due to committee; Committee reviews
17  Jul 2023   Committee approves any changes, finalizes Process and Calendar
20 Jul 2023   Present final to Board
    Committee approves web content versions
    Submit update request
31 Jul 2023   Finalize the Nominations Form
01 Aug 2023   Open Nominations. Notify eligible chapters
    Call for nominations
    Verify nominations as received; verify the nominee's eligibility and obtain consent to serve;
verify chapter eligibility to nominate and authority of chapter representative to act on behalf of the chapter;
collect bios and statements from nominees
31 Aug 2023   Close nomination acceptance
04 Sep 2023   Complete all nominee verifications
    Prepare Nomination Report
15 Sep 2023   Submit Report for Committee approval
17 Sep 2023   Present Report to Board
22 Sep 2023   Publish Ballot/Balloting Begins
28 Sep 2023   PC Town Hall(s) for candidate Q&A forum
10 Nov 2023   Ballots close, voting ends, no more votes accepted
16 Nov 2023   Determine which nominee received the most votes and if any exceptions (tie vote or two from the same chapter)
require Board action as specified in Section 3.7.4 of the Bylaws
30 Nov 2023   Submit Report for Committee review and certification
03 Dec 2023   Present report of result of election to Board
11 Dec 2023   Publish results on
01 Jan 2023   Start new term

The Committee

Role Name
Chair Frank Kadwell
DAMA-I Board of Directors Representative(s) Cathy Nolan, Andrew Andrews
Central Membership Representative Ryan Owens
Presidents' Council Representative(s) James Wang, Eugene Desyatnik, Ron Legere


Nominee Limitations and Considerations

  1. Incumbent nominees seeking reelection are confirmed eligible for reelection.
  2. Each nomination is verified as valid, accurate, and eligible.


The Eligible Voting Chapters 
(as of 31 July 2023, 23:59 UTC)

DAMA Argentina  DAMA DACH  DAMA Iowa  DAMA Netherlands DAMA Rocky Mountain
DAMA Australia  DAMA Denmark  DAMA Italy  DAMA New England DAMA Shanghai
DAMA BeLux  DAMA Ecuador  DAMA Ireland  DAMA New York Capital Region DAMA South Africa
DAMA Brazil  DAMA Edmonton  DAMA Japan  DAMA New York City DAMA Spain
DAMA Calgary  DAMA Finland  DAMA Kansas City  DAMA Norway DAMA Thailand - Bangkok
DAMA Central Ohio  DAMA France  DAMA Kazakhstan-Astana  DAMA Peru DAMA United Kingdon
DAMA Central Virginia  DAMA Georgia  DAMA Korea  DAMA Philadelphia DAMA Vancouver
DAMA Chicago  DAMA Germany  DAMA Mexico  DAMA Phoenix DAMA Wisconsin
DAMA Chile  DAMA Houston  DAMA Minnesota  DAMA Poland IRMAC
DAMA China - Hong Kong  DAMA Hungary - Budapest  DAMA Montreal  DAMA Portland  
DAMA Columbia  DAMA Indiana  DAMA NCR/RCN  DAMA Puget Sound