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  • Emily Persson posted an article
    Announcing DAMA International's First Executive Director see more

    DAMA International is delighted to announce that it has retained Profectus Association Management to provide executive director services to the organization. Profectus principal, Gina van Dalen, CAE, will be providing the management services specified under the contract. "We are very fortunate to have identified a firm and a principal that are exceptionally qualified to help DAMA-I continue to grow and mature as an organization," said Peter Aiken, chair of DAMA-I's Board of Directors, in announcing the contract.


    Gina brings over 20 years of extensive experience in managing professional associations. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership in various roles, including her position as Executive Director at Computer Science Canada, where she successfully stabilized the organization's finances and enhanced member services. At TechNation, Canada's ICT trade association, she spearheaded the development of the Talent division, where she developed and managed major federal grants for innovative workforce development programs. Gina's expertise also extends to developing and managing accreditation and professional certification programs, as evidenced by her work with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow's ICT Skills (CCICT) and the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) IP3 initiative, where she established national learning standards and developed ISO-aligned certification and accreditation programs. Her strategic vision and collaborative approach have consistently driven transformational change and innovation in the non-profit sector.


    "I am honored to have the opportunity to work with DAMA International as it implements its plan for strategic growth, and eager to help it drive forward its mission of empowering data management professionals. Together, we will elevate the standards and practices that are crucial to the success of our global community," says Gina van Dalen.

  • Jerrod Young posted an article
    Welcome DAMA Egypt - Cairo! see more

    Interest in creating new DAMA Chapters is increasing. The need to spread the word on the relevance of having a formal Data Management practice as a foundation of digital and data-centric transformation initiatives is evident. 

    DAMA International celebrates the existence of a team led by Karim Elhelaly in Egypt, working towards creating a DAMA Chapter. DAMA Egypt - Cairo was approved on August 10th, 2022 as a Forming Chapter. If you want more information contact

    We look forward to having the first DAMA Chapter in Egypt soon.

     October 13, 2022
  • Jerrod Young posted an article
    Welcome DAMA Turkey - Istanbul! see more

    We continue finding interest in creating new DAMA Chapters around the World as awareness of the relevance of Data Management is growing.

    DAMA International approved on August 10th a new Forming Chapter: DAMA Turkey Istanbul, led by Ipek Cebi. If you want more information, please contact

    We look forward to having the first DAMA Chapter in Turkey soon.

     October 11, 2022
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    DAMA I PEG Committee Response to Social Media Articles see more

    As the PEG committee we would like to update all DAMA International Chapter members on what we have been doing since receiving a letter from John Zachman questioning the “missed 2017 elections” and changes to the existing bylaws. The questions that are being raised relate to governance of DAMA International and therefore it is appropriate that the PEG committee respond.

    Before describing the events and actions we have had to address, we would like to apologize for the lack of timely communication about what we have been doing.

    There have been several positive changes that were instituted last year:

    1. Release of DMBoK V2 – it has been the top-seller at TechnicsPub for the last 2 to 3 months
    2. Release of the new CDMP Certifications, both online and chapter workshops

    The challenging changes are in relation to:

    1. Rewrite of the DAMA International Bylaws
      1. Enable Central Membership
      2. Facilitate Paid staff members
    2. Delay of DAMA International elections for certain positions
      1. Close the legal entity DAMA International entity in the state of Washington
      2. Open the new legal entity in Delaware

    The following concerns have been raised not only by John Zachman but other significant community channels:

    1. Complete the outstanding elections
    2. Provide more time for a comprehensive review of the new Bylaws and feedback process
    3. Uncertainty around of the appointment of the Executive Director

    In response to the above concerns, we the PEG committee made the following recommendations to the DAMA International Board of Directors:

    1. Make minor modifications to the current Bylaws to enable Central Membership voting
    2. Hold outstanding and vacant BoD elections once minor modifications are complete
    3. Extend the new Bylaw Review period to 2 months (End 31st March 2018) and provide comprehensive feedback of the review during the PC meeting at the EDW Conference
    4. Suspend the appointment of the executive director until bylaws that incorporate are approved by the BoD

    These recommendations were accepted by the DAMA I BoD on the 8th February 2018 and will be presented to the chapters during the PC meeting on the 9th February 2018. Minutes of the PC meeting will be made available to DAMA Chapter presidents.

    Once again, we would to apologize again for the lack of communication at an important time like this and we will endeavour to provide more regular feedback whilst responding to changes.

    DAMA Internationa PEG Committee

    *The DAMA Internationa PEG Committee can be reached via email at

     February 09, 2018
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    Co-Marketing Partnership Announcement with Pinnacle see more

    30 March 2018 – Middletown, Delaware United States
    Pinnacle Business Group

    Co-Marketing Partnership Announcement

    DAMA International is proud to announce that we have aligned with another partner to bring even more value to our Central and Chapter members. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events. 

    Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE)
    Visit their website for more information.

    Business Architecture Center of Excellence (BACOE)
    Visit their website for more information.

    About DAMA International
    DAMA International (DAMA-I) supports an empowered, global community of data management, information professionals.  As a non-profit, vendor-independent association, we are here to help and assist data professionals. We provide the best practice resources such as the Data Management Body of Knowledge® (DMBoK®) and the Data Management Dictionary of Terms®. DAMA-I Membership is available centrally, or enjoy one of our chapters across the world. Partner with us today.
    # # #

     March 30, 2018
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    DAMA I Election Update see more

    Dear DAMA Chapter Presidents, Chapter Officers, and Members,

    Today (June 8) it has been seven weeks since the previous board's announcement. Differing resignation schedules and technology challenges have taken longer than they should. As a reminder, we committed to a published plan on 22 April:

    Date Event Completed
    04/30/2018 Publish DAMA-I Elections Calendar 04/22/2018
    04/30/2018 Publish draft DAMA-I Elections Process for Comment 04/22/2018
    04/22/2018 Present draft DAMA-I Elections Process to PC at EDW 04/22/2018
    05/15/2018 Incorporate changes to process as voted on by PC 05/15/2018
    05/30/2018 Chapters must be in 'active' status to participate 05/30/2018
    05/15/2018 Solicit nominations / validate / publish nominations  
    06/15/2018 Publish final list of eligible voting chapters and election ballot  
    07/01/2018 Voting completes and results are announced  

    As you can see, previous deadlines have been met, but the nomination process is now running behind schedule, and I'm asking for your input.

    The new board and advisors are encountering delays gaining mastery over the DAMA-I communication infrastructure, including the email, traditional and various social media accounts. As head of the elections committee, we should be using these to get the word out about the elections process. This inability constrained us from opening the nomination process before today.

    At this point, we have a nomination survey on this platform ready to go. We want to get your input on how we should proceed. Please answer our one question survey at: by Monday 11 June 2018 11:59 UTC

    Peter Aiken
    President, DAMA International
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    DAMA International Election News see more

    DAMA I is now accepting nominations from the Chapters, as required by the current Bylaws. Nominations close July 15 2018 11:59pm UTC. Election voting will directly follow.
    Register nominations at
    Responsibilities for each office and a description of voting rights are found at in the Bylaws, along with other information, at
    All nominees must:
    1) Be a member of an affiliated DAMA Chapter
    2) Have served as a current or former officer of a DAMA Chapter for one full term of their chapter’s term of office
    3) Seek a maximum of one office in any one election
    4) Accept the nomination

    Further: Nominees for DAMA International President must have served at least one full term on the DAMA International board.

    Please note the terms for each office - to get back on the calendar in the Bylaws, President, VP Finance, VP Membership, and VP Online Services elected next month serve only until the end of 2018.

    DAMA International recognizes that the current by-Laws need to be amended to address the voting rights of Central members, and plans to do so as soon as possible after this election.

    Election Schedule:
    Nominations close on July 15 2018 at 11:59pm UTC.
    Election ballot will be available on July 16 2018.
    Voting will close on August 1 2018 at 11:59pm UTC.
    The new Board will be installed as soon as practical after August 1 2018.
    Normal election schedule will resume immediately afterwards.
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    Volunteers Needed for Committees see more

    DAMA International is soliciting volunteers to work on three subcommittees. These subcommittees are requested to describe the as-is status of three topics important to our future.  

    DAMA-I CDMP certification
    DAMA-I Central Membership 
    DAMA-I relationships with other professional organizations, including, but not limited to:

    • FEAPO
    • Dataversity
    • IRM UK
    • IEEE Computer Society
    • IIBA
    • TDWI
    • BCS (British Computer Society) – Data Management Specialist Group
    • PPDM (Professional Petroleum Data Management)
    • ICCP

    These subcommittees will be tasked with researching the public perception of these three topics, specifically in these areas:

    • The current public perception
    • Current issues with use/registration/renewal
    • Any impact or trends shown from recent history, including financial
    • Other essential information related to current status and/or public sentiment

    If you are interested in assisting on any of these efforts, please contact Peter Aiken at with your preferred topic as the subject.

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    Member Notice July 2 2018 see more

    Greetings to all the International Data Management Community,

    DAMA International is currently taking nominations for the Board of Directors Election for the following positions:

    One-year terms ending December 31, 2018 (should start January 1 of odd years):

    • VP Financial Services
    • VP Member Services
    • VP Online Services
    • President

    Two-year terms ending December 31, 2019 (should start January 1 of even years):

    • VP Chapter Services
    • VP Conference Services
    • VP Marketing/Communications
    • VP Operations
    • VP Professional Development

    You can find the responsibilities for each office on the website in the by-laws–available along with other information at

    Nominees must:
    1. Be a member of an affiliated DAMA Chapter
    2. Have served as a current or former officer of a DAMA Chapter for at least one full term of their chapter’s term of office
    3. A nominee may seek a maximum of one office in any one election
    4. Have nominations submitted by 15 July 2018 11:59 UTC using the form at:

    Further:  Candidates for President of DAMA International must have served at least one term in another capacity on the DAMA International board.

    Central members who wish to participate should connect with a local chapter as all nominations must come from chapters.  A list of chapters is available at our website:

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,

    Peter Aiken
    President, DAMA International

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    DAMA International


  • Article
    In Memorium: Rossano Soares Tavares see more

    The worldwide data management community was deeply saddened to learn this week about the death of the Founding President of DAMA Brasil and our longtime friend and colleague Rossano Soares Tavares on 9 July 2018. Of many accomplishments achieved in his life, the translation of the DMBoK into Portuguese may be his most wide-reaching achievement. Professor, entrepreneur and consultant, Rossano was a role model for professionals who work with data worldwide. For those who did not experience his exuberant personality firsthand, the link below may give you a taste of his appetite and approach to life. We will miss you Rossano!

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    DAMA WEEK 2019 see more

    DAMA Mexico Chapter is holding its 3rd Annual Conference within a complete week of Data Management events: DAMA WEEK 2019 on November 4th-8th at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Exposition and Congress Center, south zone of Mexico City.

    DAMA Mexico Chapter is honored to have the support of four excellent guest speakers: Bill Inmon, Laura Sebastian Coleman, Katherine O’Keefe and Favio Vazquez, who will be conducting workshops and dictating Keynotes.

    DAMA WEEK 2019 program includes: Connecting core topic: “DATA’s impact on society”

    • November 4th, 5th: DMBoK Class (Introduction to Data and Information Management)
    • November 6th: (8) 4-hour workshops
    • November 7th: 3rd Data Management Conference : 4 Keynotes, 10 parallel conferences divided into 3 tracks:
      • Track 1: Analytic and Data Science supporting Society
      • Track 2: Data Management as foundation for Data Monetization
      • Track 3: Security and Ethics on handling data
    • November 8th: CDMP Workshop and CDMP exams writing

    Early Bird prices available before August 31st

    Visit DAMA WEEK site to track on agenda.

    Learn more about DAMA Mexico Chapter

     August 19, 2019