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DAMA News From EDW Orlando

DAMA News From EDW Orlando

It was exciting being at EDW in sunny Orlando with so many DAMA members and so many potential DAMA members.  Many of our chapters will be receiving the names of "data" people who signed up at the marketing table to receive information about DAMA and the chapter closest to them.  Brochures about DAMA and CDMP are available to any chapter and are printed in several languages so request some for your Chapter by contacting


A 2-day Board meeting was held before the conference began and the new bylaws were further refined as was discussed in the Presidents meeting.  Election and Award committee chairs were approved and volunteers from the chapters are being sought to serve on the committees.

Also, volunteers are welcome to join the DMBOK 3.0 committee by contacting


Four of your Board members gave presentations during the conference, Peter Aiken and Karen Lopez about Business Ethics; Marilu Lopez had a full house for her presentation on Data Strategies; and Michel Hebert's session on "What is the CDMP?" inspired 107 people to take the Pay If You Pass exam and become newly Certified.


The revised edition of the DAMA-DMBOK was revealed, and quickly sold out at the conference bookstore.  Copies are available on Amazon or at  Q&A regarding the new edition is available on  CDMP exams will be based on the current 2.0 edition until October 1, 2024.


Chapter Presidents and Board members attended a dinner on Sunday night hosted by DAMA-I.  A similar event is planned for DGIQ in San Diego this June.  A great way to meet fellow Chapter Presidents and to make new friends.

 April 01, 2024