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EDW 2022 DIGITAL a Success!

Did you miss Enterprise Data World DIGITAL?

Due to ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic, EDW made the tough decision to pivot to fully online this year. 

By all counts however, it was a success. Over 4,500* attendees from 35 countries, were treated to 34 sessions and 52 speakers. Best of all, it was free, and because every session was recorded, you could watch sessions you missed due to work or other schedule constraints.

I felt that "Data is Beautiful" by David McCandless was the most compelling keynote of the conference. I asked my wife to watch it with me, to help her understand some of my aspirations with Data and Visualization.

I also enjoyed the case study from JGC Corporation in Japan. Mick Hayashi and Aran Seshita presented their "Digital Transformation Journey Through Shu-Ha-Ri". The talk was inspirational and reinforced my admiration for Japanese culture.

"Lightening Talks" provided a light hearted interstitial, from Danette McGilvray's "Tater Talk" to Mark Horseman's "DG in Pure Imagination". I was amazed at display of creativity.

The conference provided a good mix of user and vendor talks, case studies, new trends and retrospectives.

Tony Shaw and his team delivered an interactive online experience that gave me the opportunity to learn, and flex to meet my client and family obligations. I expect that the hybrid (in-person and online) conferences of the future will take advantage of the technology available to provide a complete and satisfying educational and networking experience.

Well done everyone. Thank you to the speakers that make this conference so valuable.

I'm looking forward to the Data Governance and Information Quality* Conference in June!

* edited - the original post of this article had a couple of typographical errors

 April 25, 2022