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Introducing The Revised DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (2nd Edition)

Introducing The Revised DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (2nd Edition)

DAMA International takes great pride in presenting the revised version of our flagship asset, the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK2). As a vital resource for data management practitioners across various industries and sectors, the DAMA-DMBOK2 has earned recognition as a comprehensive framework of reference. Released in 2018, and today available in six languages, the DAMA-DMBOK2 continues to be the guide for Data Professionals across the globe and the manual of reference for the most valuable professional certification in the field as it is the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).


Understanding the importance of staying current, DAMA International has embarked on a journey to refresh and improve the existing DAMA-DMBOK2. The revised edition is a maintenance update that focuses on addressing known inconsistencies and inaccuracies rather than a complete overhaul of the book's content.


Since 2021, many DAMA members contributed sending valuable input and their observations of errors, misprints, and inconsistencies found within the DAMA-DMBOK2 while reading, studying, and working with it.


Thanks to the support of many volunteers all the feedback has been reviewed and incorporated to deliver an updated and more accurate maintenance version of the DAMA-DMBOK2. With these enhancements, the revised edition aims to be an even more reliable resource for data management professionals worldwide.



The DAMA-DMBOK2 Revised Edition comes with several updates that aim to enhance the overall reading experience and provide a more consistent and accurate resource for data management professionals. Key improvements in the revised edition include:

  • Consistency in Terminology and Acronyms: Throughout the book, terms and acronyms have been standardized to ensure a consistent language for better comprehension.

  • Fixed Typos and Errors in Figures: We have corrected various typos and errors found in the figures across all chapters, providing a more accurate visual representation of the concepts discussed.

  • Reviewed Context Diagrams: The 12 context diagrams have been carefully reviewed, and we have improved their consistency with the content of the corresponding chapters.

  • Data Quality Chapter Enhancements: The structure of the Data Quality Chapter has been refined, and we have added an appendix to provide further insight and clarification on key concepts.

These updates aim to create a more reliable and user-friendly resource, empowering data management practitioners with an up-to-date and consistent framework for their work.



Upon release, the DAMA-DMBOK2 Revised Edition will replace the previous version as the authoritative and up-to-date resource for data management professionals. To make it easily accessible, the revised edition will be distributed through major online bookstores and our book publisher, Technics Publications.


The DAMA-DMBOK2 Revised Edition is set to be available on the Technics Publications website by April 2024, and shortly thereafter, it will become available in leading bookstores worldwide. Both print and eBook (PDF and Kindle) formats will be offered to cater to the preferences of our readers.


Stay tuned for the official release, and be among the first to benefit from the improved and updated DAMA-DMBOK2 Revised Edition, your essential resource for data management best practices and insights.

 March 19, 2024