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    DMBoK2 is now available in Spanish! see more

    DAMA Latin America Region, comprised by four active Chapters: Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and five forming Chapters: Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, is very proud to announce that the Spanish edition of the DMBOK2 is already available. This is the result of a very long journey where a great sense of community was developed among the volunteers from the Spanish speaking mentioned Chapters, ending in this work that will allow the Spanish speaking data professionals community to get closer to Data Management best practices compiled in DMBoK2 in their own language, avoiding any linguistic barrier.

    We would like to send a special thank for their great work to our DAMA LATAM colleagues Cecilia Izquierdo, Cecilia Poittevin, Daniel Diaz, David Rivera, Diego Palacios, Diego Poppe, Eduardo Jallath, Francisco Guiñez, German Cortes, German Morante, Jose Guevara, Jose Luis Leon, Miguel Angel Oros, Pablo Cigliuti and Marilu Lopez, who, with their voluntary efforts, have effectively helped to carry out the translation.