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Nominations for DAMA International Board of Directors 2021 - 2023

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For President:

  • Peter Aiken, nominated by National Capitol Region Chapter

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2020 DAMA-I Voting Process

2020 DAMA-I Voting Process V1.1.pdf

2020 Election Schedule
1 June 2020 Deadline new chapters to be in active status  
1 June 2020 Publish draft DAMA-I Elections Process/calendar for comment  
1 July 2020 Complete elicit and incorporate feedback cycle from the PC  
1 July 2020 Publish DAMA-I Elections Calendar  
1 August 2020 Nominations process open for active chapter nominations  
1 September 2020 Complete nominations solicitation  
1 October 2020 Complete nominee validation/vetting  
1 October 2020 Publish final list of eligible voting chapters and ballot  
1 October 2020 Complete PC meetings for candidate Q&A  
1 November 2020 Balloting Begins  
1 December 2020 Voting closes and results are announced shortly after