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DAMA elections

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    Nominations for three Board positions, President, VP Member Services and VP Online Services, will be see more

    2020 DAMA-I Voting Process V1.1.pdf


    Nominations for three Board positions, President, VP Member Services and VP Online Services, will begin on Monday, August 17, 2020 (midnight UTC) and end on Sunday, September 27, 2020 (midnight UTC). Each eligible chapter can nominate using a separate nomination form for each Board position, making sure the nominee agrees to serve for 3 years if elected. Please read the election process posted here for instructions on how to nominate and for a list of eligible chapters.


    The 2020 Election committee consists of:

    • Chairman: Catherine Nolan, VP Conference Services, DAMA-I
    • Jay Gardner, VP Marketing, DAMA-I
    • John Zachman, Lifetime Advisor, DAMA-I
    • Karen Lopez, Lifetime Advisor, DAMA-I
    • Susan Earley, Advisor, DAMA-I
    • Gene Boomer, President, DAMA Indiana, representing President’s Council
    • Marc Nolte, President, DAMA Calgary and representing President’s Council


    2020 Election Schedule

    17 August 2020 Nominations process open for chapter nominations
    27 September 2020 Complete nominations solicitation
    1 October 2020 Complete nominee validation/vetting
    1 October 2020 Publish final list of eligible voting chapters and ballot
    1 October 2020 Complete PC meetings for candidate Q&A
    1 November 2020 Balloting Begins
    1 December 2020 Voting closes and results are announced shortly after



     August 15, 2020
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    Greetings to the DAMA Community from Peter Aiken, President, DAMA International! see more

    Greetings to the DAMA Community from Peter Aiken, President, DAMA International!

    As we wind down this Board’s short (2-month) tenure, I wanted to offer a report on the happenings and more importantly the hard work that has been accomplished by the three volunteers who have been assisting. Members of a Board of Directors typically do not get involved in day-to-day operations, although the need exists here due to the current operational design. Hopefully the next Board will find remedies for this situation.

    Susan Earley (VP Finance) verified that the current financial accounts as maintained by the Treasurer (Nelson Goucher) are being kept properly. There is no current approved budget, so transactions are approved by the Board monthly at meetings. The IRS 990 due date has been extended to November due to work needed to correct almost all 2017 transactions.  QuickBooks Online shows that DAMA-I has a sound financial footing.  Susan has also worked tirelessly to understand, gain access to, and document various aspects of the complex DAMA-I infrastructure, online accounts, and operational processes. I can say without a doubt that she knows them better than anyone on the planet.

    Stacey Haurin (Presidents’ Council Chair) has rekindled the sense of community around the Presidents' Council (PC) and general community involvement.  The PC meetings are now attended by dozens of chapters - up from just a handful earlier this year.  An undeniable "can do" spirit now pervades the various chapter boards.  Stacey has done more to reinvigorate the productive dialog between DAMA-I and our chapters that we could have asked any volunteer to do.

    Loretta Smith (VP Operations) has been working closely with members of the previous board and administrative staff to facilitate a smooth transition.  Loretta has excellent analytic skills, permitting everyone involved in discussions with her to clearly understand the issues that need deciding.  Her focused efforts and steady leadership have kept what might have been an emotional process, instead focused on outcomes that benefit the entire community.  

    Karen Lopez (Advisor) has continually analyzed and suggested DAMA-I areas where our organization can improve, whether these were people, process, or technology focused.  Her constant admonitions to do our best for DAMA have keep this team moving in a direct that has substantially benefitted our community.  

    We (the DAMA Community) have been fortunate the have had such passionate volunteers to assist with the transition and I personally want to let you (the community) know of the huge commitments of time and effort contributed by each of them to getting DAMA International back on track.
    Thank you Susan, Stacey, Loretta, and Karen!

    Included below is a summary of this Board’s actions during the last two months.

    Peter Aiken
    President, DAMA International

    DAMA-I kept operating (a little slower maybe, but still going)

    • 2 separate elections (DAMA-I general and PC Chair). DAMA I election has all but one position with a nominee, and 19 out of 50 eligible chapters have voted. Voting ends Aug 1 2018 11:59 pm UTC.
    • 4 Board meetings - meeting minutes are available at
    • 2 PC meetings and 1 additional meeting for forming chapters which included prospective chapters who are too early in the process to attend PC meeting.
    • HelpScout ticket queues managed for office email boxes, including catching up on months-old requests where possible.

    Transitioned all accounts to current Board member control

    • Created list of all platforms and accounts as a start for a Board on-boarding document
    • Made several social media postings and web page notices regarding progress and the elections
    • Nomination and election surveys
    • Monitored voicemails to central DAMA I phone number
    • Monitored postal mail
    • Posted 2 email updates to Central Membership
    • Updated to current Drupal patch level

    Presidents’ Council:

    • Verified chapter contact information with an 81% response rate
    • Updated chapter page to reflect current state
    • Requested feedback from PC on whether DAMA-I election external oversight needed (PC said no)
    • Requested feedback from PC on whether DAMA-I external financial audit need (PC said no)

    Changes Made:
    Improved transparency:

    • Approved meeting minutes are now to be posted on (formal motion)
    • Solicited volunteers for 3 new committees to evaluate how our main activities are being perceived/used. Lists of volunteers will be delivered to appropriate Board members for implementation.
    • Voided all chapter affiliation fee invoices for 2017 and 2018. No chapters owe any affiliation fees; the invoices weren't sent out for either year.

    Risk reduction:

    • Added O365 archiving to account to recover data deleted in May
    • Platinum membership sales (Central memberships that include Chapter membership benefit) were suspended as of July 18 2018, pending response to a request for legal advice. New Board will review and act.
    • Changed billing to use Bank Debit card instead of a Diner's club card.

    Process optimization:

    • Added the general finance email address now goes to a Helpscout mailbox for improved tracking
    • Accounts on other websites changed to use generic office ids (if not already) instead of individual named accounts to keep changes infrequent

    Not changed:

    • CDMP anything
    • DMBOK2/Dictionary anything
    • Mike2.0 anything
    • Financial anything (other than changing who has access to accounts)
    • Budget (none in place at start)
    • Membership sales/processing (other than suspending Platinum-type membership sales)
    • (other than posts and chapter information updates)
    • CiviCRM (other than disabling the platinum membership option)
    • SharePoint organization


    • Bylaws and/or officers handbook
    • COE/COI
    • Affiliation Agreements
    • Prior Board motions (for example, the fiscal year and operational calendar reset earlier this year).


    • Paid staff positions
    • Support agreements with vendors (extended but not changed)

    Outstanding Items / To-Do list for after election:

    • Reinstate pay-if-you-pass for all chapter-hosted boot camps/training events
    • Transition documentation/onboarding checklist for new Board members
    • Budget for rest of 2018 and 2019
    • Fall Election for offices with terms starting in 2019 (President, VP Finance, VP Member Services, VP Online Services)
    • Appointment of VP Operations for term ending 2019
    • Appointment of Governance officer for term ending 2018
    • Role of CDMP Fellows in Board operations
    • Create a contract with TechnicsPub on DAMA-I selling DMBOK2 as part of central membership separate from publication/royalty contract
    • Update contract with Dataversity for EDW
    • Formally institute the three committees with Board members as chair (bylaws requirement)


    • Reinstate formal acknowledgment of Affiliation Agreements in DAMA I Board meetings
    • Affiliation Fee review


    • Review prior year Board meeting minutes/summaries and make any required adjustments to account for motions passed that have not been implemented or circumstances have changed preventing implementation or making it now undesirable. For example: Reset fiscal year and operational calendar back to calendar year (will need meeting motion)
    • Data retention policies for former board members on O365/platform usage policies for users (official stuff is retained after stepping down, etc.)
    • Decide what to do with accounts / data recovered from May audit
    • Bylaws/governing documents/COE/COI/Affiliation Agreement rewrites


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    thank you for participating in the Summer 2018 DAMA-I Board election see more

    To DAMA-International Community,

    Hi and thank you for participating in the Summer 2018 DAMA-I Board election. These are the election results. I want to thank everyone for participating and request that you stay in touch as we will crank up the final elections cycle after a short break to catch our breaths. We have doubled the number of nominees and recorded five time the total number of votes from the previous election.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Aiken
    Past President, DAMA-International
    No one was nominated for VP Operations (2019)

    The following positions ran unopposed:
    President (2018): Loretta Mahon Smith (DAMA NCR)
    VP Member Services (2018): Ken Dunn (DAMA Houston)
    VP Online Services (2018): Lowell Fryman (DAMA Rocky Mountain)
    VP Conference Services (2019): Cathy Nolan (DAMA Chicago)
    VP Chapter Services (2019):Stacey Haurin (DAMA Philadelphia)

    25 votes were cast - not all votes were cast for each position

    VP Finance (2018): (16) Susan Earley (DAMA Chicago)  ----- (9) April Reeve (DAMA NYC)
    VP Marketing & Communications (2019): (14) Bob Hiew (DAMA Edmonton)  ----- (10) Jerrod Young (DAMA Kansas City)  ----- (1) No Vote
    VP Professional Development (2019): (16) Chris Bradley (DAMA UK)  ----- (8) Kewal Dhariwal (DAMA Edmonton) ----- (1) No Vote

     August 08, 2018
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    Thank you for participating in the 2018-2019 DAMA-I President Council election see more

    To DAMA-I President’s Council Nominees and DAMA Community,

    Thank you for participating in the 2018-2019 DAMA-I President Council election. Below is the election timeline, followed by the the election results.

    Catherine Nolan
    Presidents' Council Nominations Chairman

    May 25, 2018 – Catherine Nolan, President, DAMA Chicago, appointed as chairman of President’s Council nominating and election committee.
    Additional Committee members: Ben Hu, DAMA China; Marc Nolte, DAMA Calgary;
    Assisting with election: DAMA-I Advisor, Karen Lopez

    May 30, 2018 – Presidents' Council decides to stagger election with DAMA-I Board election. Received from PC Chair “PC Chair election should be run separately from the DAMA-I Board elections, managed by the PC itself”.

    June 29, 2018 – Nomination Survey sent to PC Nominations Committee for review. Approved with slight changes.

    July 2, 2018 – Nomination Survey link is sent to 50 eligible DAMA Chapters.

    July 25, 2018 – Final Reminder for close of nominations sent to 50 chapters. DAMA Korea contacted because of incomplete ballot. DAMA Korea stated it was submitted by mistake.

    July 30, 2018 - Nominations for PC Chairman close with 2 people being nominated:
    Ray McGlew – DAMA Philadelphia
    Kewal Dhariwal – DAMA Edmonton

    August 3, 2018 – Received additional information from nominees as to their qualifications and vision for Presidents' Council which are included in the ballot.

    August 3, 2018 – Nominees approved by Nominating Committee. Susan Earley, acting VP Operations, DAMA-I, sent Ballot for Presidents' Council Chairman to 50 eligible DAMA Chapters via Survey Monkey. Election was held between Aug. 3, 2018 and Aug. 15, 2018.

    August 7, 2018 – Catherine Nolan, PC Nominations Chairman, sent reminder to vote for PC Chair to all 50 eligible DAMA Chapters.

    August 15, 2018 – Election closed at August 15 midnight UTC. 28 valid ballots cast. 2 ineligible ballots cast.
    DAMA Wisconsin: incomplete ballot, was contacted with no reply.
    DAMA New England: cast two ballots, one was incomplete and was not counted. Complete ballot counted.

    August 16, 2018 – Ballots counted with the below results:
    Ray McGlew – 19 Votes
    Kewal Dhariwal – 9 Votes

    August 19 – Report sent to Committee for certification of election results.

    August 20 – Committee meets to certify election. Present were Catherine Nolan, Marc Nolte and current PC Chairman Stacey Haurin. Ben Hu was contacted by email after the meeting. All members of the committee certified the election.

    August 20 – Ray McGlew and Kewal Dhariwal were notified of election results.

     August 21, 2018
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    DAMA International Board of Directors has ratified the results of the 2018 election cycle see more


    DAMA International Board of Directors has ratified the results of the 2018 election cycle by a unanimous vote in a meeting this morning, January 1, 2019. All of the following International Board positions will be effective as of January 1, 2019 and expire on December 31, 2020 (2 years).

    The board thanks all chapters who participated in voting.  

    We would like to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to support the data management community with their service. 

    The results are as follows:

    President: Loretta Mahon Smith 

    VP Finance: April Reeve 

    VP Operations: Lindy Kresl 

    VP Online Services: Lowell Fryman 

    VP Membership: Frank Kadwell 

    We must acknowledge our outgoing board members, Karen Lopez, Susan Earley and Ken Dunn. They have played pivotal roles in moving the organization to greater levels of operational effectiveness and transparent communications.  Thank you for your service to the data management community worldwide!


     January 07, 2019
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    DAMA International is now accepting 2019 nominations from the Chapters see more

    Have you served on a DAMA Chapter Board?  Do you have skills in Operations, Marketing, Professional Development, or Conference Services?  Are you willing to serve the world community?  Your Home chapter must nominate you to be elected to the DAMA-I Board of Directors.

    DAMA International is now accepting nominations from the Chapters, as required by the current Bylaws.

    5 positions are open:

    • VP Chapter Services
    • VP Conference Services
    • VP Marketing/Communications
    • VP Operations
    • VP Professional Development

    Nominations close September 30 2019 11:59pm UTC. 
    Register nominations at: 2019FallDAMAInternationalNominations

    Responsibilities for each office and a description of voting rights are found at in the Bylaws, along with other information, at
    All nominees must:
    1) Be a member of an affiliated DAMA Chapter
    2) Have served as a current or former officer of a DAMA Chapter for one full term of their chapter’s term of office
    3) Seek a maximum of one office in any one election
    4) Accept the nomination

    Election Process is documented HERE.

    Election Schedule:
    Nominations close on September 30 2019 at 11:59pm UTC.
    Election ballot will be available on October 16 2019.
    Voting will close on December 1 2019 at 11:59pm UTC.
    Questions go

     September 03, 2019
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    DAMA International Board of Directors has ratified the results of the 2019 election cycle by a unani see more

    DAMA International Board of Directors has ratified the results of the 2019 election cycle by a unanimous vote in a meeting Saturday Morning, December 14, 2019.

    We would like to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to support the data management community with their service for 2020-2021.  The results are as follows:

    VP of Operations: Lindy Kresl 

    VP of Conference Services: Cathy Nolan

    VP of Research and Education Services: Chris Bradley

    VP of Marketing: open

    VP of Chapter Services: Peter Vieveen

    At the same time we acknowledged the results of the President's Council Election, where we now have another new board member:

    President's Council Chairperson: Tony Mazzarella.

    Congratulations to the new board members!  

     January 22, 2020